What We Believe

While not all of our writers or guest posts might share the exact same beliefs, we do all agree on these things:

  • We believe in the Bible, that it is the true Word of God and infallible.
  • We believe in God; that He reigns over all and is the only One True God.
    Jesus, God’s son; that He came to earth to die, rise again, and forgive us of our sins.
    The Holy Spirit; the Comforter that God sent us after Jesus ascended into Heaven.
    The Three of These together make the God Head, or Trinity.
  • We believe that Jesus will return for those who follow Him.
  • We believe in “Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged”. Therefore, anything you write here, you will be free from judgement from all of us. This is a “Judge Free Zone!”

    That being said, we also believe that we shall know others by their fruits. If something does not display Godly fruit, meaning that it does not match up to the Word of God, we may feel the need to write a post on that topic. But as far as you, personally, coming to us with a need, prayer request, etc… No, we will not judge you.

  • We believe everyone is capable of accepting Jesus into their heart and is worthy of salvation. Salvation comes by prayer. Becoming saved is as simple asking the Lord to forgive you of all sins, stating that you believe in Him, and turning your back on sin.
  • We believe in laughter, and lots of it. The Bible states that a merry heart is like a medicine, so we make sure that we smile as much as we can… and we hope you do too! There is always a time for seriousness, but you’ll notice that when appropriate… we laugh!



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