Hi, I’m Angie!

Angie Schott - April 2016

If you were here sitting in front of me, I’d probably act a little awkward at first and then start talking… a lot… because that is what I do.

I’d ask you about you, what you like, if you love coffee as much as I do and if not do you at least drink sweet tea, about your family, and what you do for fun…

If you asked where I’m from, I would explain how that is a tricky question. See, I was born in Tennessee while we were actually living in Kentucky and I spent the majority of my childhood in Southern California while going back and forth as a teen between SoCal and Kentucky. So it’s like I’m a Southern Southern California girl… make sense? No? Don’t worry. Um, moving on…

I’d try not to talk about myself, but I always end up doing so unintentionally because part of my nature is to make people feel okay by letting them know I can relate or have been in the same place. I TRY not to, because I know that most people don’t care, but it just comes out.


My Testimony and My Passion

For example, if you told me that you had struggled with your faith and that you don’t know Jesus, I would probably tell you a bit of my testimony… About the fact that my Mom wasn’t even supposed to be able to have kids, and then there I was. My parents divorced when I was VERY young and it was extremely messy. How I was raised a PK (pastor’s kid, though it was actually my Grandpa… we lived with my Grandparents), my Mom remarried when I was a teenager to the man that I now refer to as “my Dad”, grew up, got married REALLY young at 17, divorced at 17, got married again at 18, had 2 kids, backslid at 22, separated/divorced/surrendered custody at 22, living in my car with an abusive boyfriend and partying way too much at 23, single and agnostic at 24, joined the Army only to drop out and get married again at 25 (3rd times a charm!), find Jesus again at 25… and struggle for several years to realize His grace was sufficient for even me.

The Struggle Is Real, Y’all!

I don’t believe in perfect people, and I believe that the honest and broken are perfectly primed to be used greatly for God. You would hear me go on and on about how amazed I am by the love of Jesus and how the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life is so much better and way stronger than any cocktail I ever drank… That a church service has left me way more relaxed than any night at a Hollywood nightclub… And how I firmly believe in loving the lost more than the enemy hates them. I can NEVER get enough of God! He amazes me and I want everyone to know just how much He truly loves them. I live for REVIVAL and to see others have their worlds shaken (in a GOOD WAY) by Father God.

Nothing you could say would shock me. I battled depression and terrible anxiety for many, many years. It was most prevalent in my teen years after the loss of my Grandpa and in my adulthood due to various issues, but mostly in dealing with those things that I listed above. Before beginning to lose weight in the Spring of 2014, I was 130 lbs heavier than I am now. I understand struggles.

The Hubster, Mr. Man


If you asked about my husband, you know that guy I ditched the Army for, I’d say he was more than worth it. His name is Bobby and we married on the second to the last day of 2006 in Las Vegas after knowing each other in person only 3 days. (We had been talking on Myspace… remember Myspace?… for 2 weeks before.) We kept saying the whole time that we had to be crazy and still can’t believe we did something like that, but I firmly believe God brought us together. Do we recommend it? No, and please don’t use us as an excuse to do so.

We’ve had many ups and downs, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every massive struggle has only drawn us closer to each other. He works IT/Telecom/Other techy stuff in the security industry. He’s also a Veteran Army Airborne Ranger, so he’s pretty amazing on top of already being pretty amazing. Oh, you may also see me refer to him as “Hubster” and “Mr. Man”. I only started doing that the last few years. He hasn’t complained so I guess I’ll keep doing that even though it is bizarre.


Oh, yeah, my kids! I have 5!

Jeff is 15.

For years he lived out of state with his dad but has recently come to live with us. I used to call him my little man, but now he towers over me… and I haven’t come up with a better nickname. My firstborn, the one who gave me the name Mom… He’s also unusually knowledgeable in the way of politics. He plans to someday enter the ministry and the political field if it is God’s will.


Becca is 13.

She lives with her Dad out of state still. She comes to visit every summer and I try to see her when I can during the year. Sometimes that is a few times, but most times I have to go a whole year throughout. I nearly lost her 23 weeks in to my pregnancy, but God had a plan for her and kept her. Ironically, I had to be induced at 42 weeks.



Tommy is 8.

My first child with Bobby. He is his daddy’s clone and a character all his own. He’s crazy about his grandparents, The Newsboys, Batman, Star Wars, and George Washington. Seriously, the kid LOVES history and can never get enough of it. When Tommy was born, doctors told me to be prepared to say goodbye to him within 24 hours due to an infection and a hole in his lung. Many prayed. He came home very healthy 8 days later.


Johnny Ben is 7.

I also often refer to him as my Chubby Cherub, even though he isn’t chubby. He attained this nickname as a toddler and it has stuck because he loves it. Johnny Ben, I should note, also has severe autism, is nonverbal, deals with sensory processing disorder, and more. He keeps me awake a ton because his sleep cycles are really short. I feel very privileged that God chose me to be his mommy.


Molly, the youngest, is 5.

She talks (all the time, even in her sleep) like an old lady from the Bronx, though she has ALWAYS lived in SoCal. I don’t even know how to explain it to you. She’s hilarious… and also a dictator, so watch out.

12363006_10153860588262059_6104463048068531940_o 13767202_10154384447017059_7653272452164708147_o


I hate that question… don’t you? “What do you do?” It feels weird. But I’ll use it anyway.

Now I’d probably ask you what you do. Do you work? Go to school? Hobbies? DREAMS?! Oh, do you blog? If so, I want to know how to follow!

So what do I do? Well, I homeschool the youngest 3 and wouldn’t have it any other way! Nothing compares to watching the “light bulb go off” while they are learning.

I LOVE music and almost always have it on. I sing a lot though I’m not really much of a singer. But hey, a voice like mine will definitely drive people to prayer. Haha! I play the piano some, but I took a break from it for a LONG time until a few years ago so I don’t really play much like someone who began learning as a preschooler.

It would be a dream come true to go back to school, but right now I just don’t have the time. I know God has called me in to various forms of ministry, so ideally I would like to go to Bible College. We shall see if God opens a door… In the mean time, I read. A lot… Never get enough. Fiction isn’t really my thing anymore, but once in a while I read a little of it.

I love to sew and craft… I used to be a “Disney Geek” but kind of lost interest over time. Once in a while it pops back up though. Hmm… I’m sure there is other stuff. Oh, obviously, I like to blog. You probably figured that out though.


Thank you for being a friend…

Do you have many friends? I have a few. I’ve lived in 5 different states so they are scattered all over! Some of them blog with me on Raising Sticky Hands to Heaven. I’ve been blessed with some amazing girls on my side! When I started the blog it was just Karen and I. Before we even launched Emily joined in. Over the years many friends have joined. Some have left. But the 3 of us are still here. We’ve tried different times to get my cousin Lynn to join us, our 4th Golden Girl, but she hasn’t. She is part of our prayer group though, so you may see her there.10547886_10152672619357059_9099800482664048141_o

Diania is one that was with us at the very beginning. She left for a while, but now she is back!

Diania and Angie
A few months later came Judye, (To the far right in the photo with Emily and Karen above) my former school administrator for a year of high school, and Sherry… the best kids camp counselor… and grown up counselor. 😀


Of course, I love all the ladies on RSHTH dearly! I met Danielle on Twitter in 2011 when I tweeted about not knowing what to do with some books in my bookcase. We quickly became friends! Stephanie M I met while in the world, and now look at us! She’s a gem. Jennifer… I met her through a mutual friend after Johnny Ben’s diagnosis and she was a God send. If you have a special needs child, please be sure to check out her blog,

Because I’m not strange enough…

Almost forgot, I have an autoimmune disease. One doctor calls it Rheumatoid Arthritis. Another Lupus. I’m allergic to the sun, which is weird, huh? I firmly believe that God is in the process of healing me though! But if you see the blog drop off for a bit here and there, that may be why.

By now, we’d probably have to move along… So I’d ask you if you would want to join our ladies prayer group on Facebook, Women On The Warpath. We have monthly prayer days, but we all pray for each other all month long in between. We also have #WorshipWednesday (#WorshipWednesdayWoot) where we recently began sharing our favorite songs that have helped us get through the last week. I’d tell you to keep in touch until next time and say it was nice meeting you… and then I’d walk away thinking, “Yep, they think I’m a freak!” And you would. And that would be okay. 🙂

Need something? Just holler!

If you have any questions or for any other reason need to contact someone about this blog, I’m the one to contact. You can email me at Angie (at) RaisingStickyHands (dot) com or shoot me a message on our Facebook page. I’d love to hear from you!