Danielle of Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven

My name is Danielle. I am the daughter of a great King!!!

Jesus is my Lord & Savior. I am wife to Michael, we’ve been married for 11 years together for 25. We have 4 wonderful children-

  • Brian, 25 – He lives in New Hampshire. He is a welder. I miss him.
    We pray he will someday come to know Jesus as his Savior!!
  • Melissa, 22 – She lives in Iowa with us. Her life goals are to be a missionary. She’s been to England & China. Once she gets her degree in elementary education she wants to go to Moldova & back to China. She blesses my life.
  • Sophia, 13 – I started our home school journey with Sophia. I realized very quickly how important what our children learn should be coming from us. Sophia loves The Avengers and Captain America, she loves to draw & loves MineCraft. Sophia loves God.
  • Emma, 10 – Emma came home this last year. I was very scared to go from 1 to 2 and quickly realized how much I enjoy teaching my girls. Emma plays piano and sings. She has this wonderful love of God. She praises Him anywhere and will tell you about Jesus. She is my nature lover. Snakes, spiders bunny rabbits anything she can catch. She will tell you all about Jesus & His love for YOU!!


Danielle of Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven


Next to God my family means the world to me.


I used to suffer from severe depression. God released me from it 5 years ago. I share my story with anyone in hopes my story will help them heal.

I used to be a cosmetologist. Today I am most fortunate to be a stay at home Mum. I homeschool Sophia & Emma.

We live in Iowa. We are originally from the Massachusetts/ New Hampshire area. Go Red Sox!! Go Pats!!

My goal in life is to Glorify God & enjoy Him forever. Without Him I am nothing.

Other hobbies: cooking, baking, photography, learning about anything!

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