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GIVEAWAY!!! 1 Amazon.Com $25 Gift Card

A Happy Blogiversary To You

A Happy Blogiversary To You

Every Day of The Year

May You Find Jesus Near

A Happy Blogiversary To You

A Happy Blogiversary To You

And The Best One You’ve Ever Had!!!


I’ve been wanting to do that all week! Whew!

Okay, so now that I got that cheesiness out of the way, let’s move on to the goods…

This giveaway is pretty self-explanatory. A $25 gift card to one winner for to order anything your little heart desires! All because we love you… Really… No strings attached!

This giveaway is open to those 18 & over residing in the US. God bless and enjoy!

(Don’t forget to check out all of our other giveaways going on. We have quite a few of them! Just go to the category “GIVEAWAY!!!” and you’ll see them all. :))
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ByStephanie Mc

GIVEAWAY! Jamberry Nails $15 Gift Certificate


Who doesn’t love great nails?

The problem with polish is that it chips and fades. And if you have kids, it’s pretty likely that the manicure is far from perfect by the end of the first day. And trying to achieve all those adorable nail techniques on Pinterest? Who has the time for that?

Jamberry nails not only apply easily, but last for quite awhile! They come in SO many adorable designs also. (You can check them out here for more information.)

In this Happy Blogiversary giveaway, we’ll be giving away 1 $15 gift certificate to one winner. You must be in the US and over the age of 18.

God bless!



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ByStephanie Mc

GIVEAWAY! Scentsy Scent Sampler Winner’s Choice Of Scents

It’s day 4 of our Happy Blogiversary week! Are you enjoying it? Be sure to enter all the giveaways!

Today’s giveaway is for 1 Scentsy Scent Sampler. The winner gets to choose the scents of each item.

The items included are 1 Scent Circle, 1 Travel Tin, 1 Room Spray, 1 Fragrance Foam, 1 Scent Pak, 1 Solid Perfume.

Did you notice the fragrance foam? Yeah, that’s hand sanitizer… that smells amazing… PERFECT for “Sticky Hands“! 😉 (Har har har…)

Like we said before, a Mom can never have too many things that smell great around the house…

Enter in the rafflecopter below. This giveaway is open to those 18 and over in the US.
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ByStephanie Mc

GIVEAWAY!!! Paparazzi Jewelry Of Winner’s Choice

As a Mom, how many times have you seen the perfect piece of jewelry in the store. I mean, perfect. You fall in love with it… Until you pick it up off the rack and see the price!

“Are you kidding me? I could feed my kids for a week with the money I’d spend on this!”

Well, guess what! There’s a way to have pretty jewelry and feed your kids too!

The winner of this giveaway will be able to pick ONE item from Christine’s Five Dollar Finery – Paparazzi Independent Consultant as their prize!

Enter in the rafflecopter below. Entry is open to those 18 and over in the US only.

Happy Blogiversary!


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ByStephanie Mc

Giveaway!!! Whoot Scentsy Warmer & Winner’s Choice Of Bar

See! I told you we’d be having a giveaway! I wasn’t going to let you all down…

For our first giveaway, let me introduce you to my little friend…


Isn’t he cute? I love him so much, I had to get one for myself.

Being a Mom, we could all use something to freshen the air, right? I feel that one of our blessed readers deserves this as a blogiversary gift!

This giveaway will be running until 12:01 am on August 17th, and you’ll have a chance to come back every day and gain more entries. How cool is that?

Oh, forgot to mention… The winner will get to choose a Scentsy bar of their choice out of the current catalog to go with their warmer. Even better, right?

So get those entries in! Happy Blogiversary to you!!!



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