Bah Hum Bug


Bah Hum Bug

You know, there is always that one.  You know, the ONE…  The one that you have to be careful what you say to them because they just may blow up on you.

Every holiday is a season for families and friends to get together.  I, for one, love a good get-together, if it’s in the right spirits. Yes, I am guilty of being that one at times.  Sometimes, I have to fake the happiness to keep the peace. I don’t like being that one.

As we watch “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”, I pray that no one really lets it get to that extent.  So, me being the “look it up” guru, I had to look up the word grinch.

Grinch – somebody who ruins enjoyment: somebody grouchy and contrary who spoils the fun of others ( informal )

If I happen to feel myself getting in a bad mood or feeling a little contrary, (don’t pretend that you don’t have those days), I just stay home to be on the safe side.  You don’t know what has happened in my day to make me feel that way.  We don’t always know what each other goes through.  We are entitled to have an off/bad day every now and then.  I just don’t always share mine with others.

So as we approach the “gathering” season, if you feel like a grinch or a scrooge, ask God for extra covering over your mouth, your thoughts, and most of all, your heart.

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