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Review: What’s In The Bible? With Buck Denver


A few weeks ago our homeschool family was selected to review DVD 1 (In The Beginning) in the What’s In The Bible? With Buck Denver series.

I’ve been hearing about this new series from Veggietales creator Phil Vischer for about a year now. I’ve always been intrigued, but wondered… What could be so great about it? Was it really lined up with God’s Word? Would my kids even like it? Well let me tell you, I quickly found out the answer to these questions!

My kids ADORED the DVD. It was similar to Veggietales, but had it’s own unique attributes as well. First off, it’s not a cartoon but puppets. There is a lot more complexity to it than a simple story with a good moral. This series actually goes into the depth of the Bible, explaining & dissecting  the stories while not dwelling too long on them – which is perfect for a child’s attention span. Also included is church history, who wrote the Bible, the books of the Bible, why they are called “Testaments”, and much more. The DVD has catchy but educational little songs. All with a little humor here and there! Perfect for my kids!


One thing that could bother some, is that the characters do stop to explain with Phil that some subjects are touchy between Christians and some people have different views. (For example: Was the earth created in a literal 6 days or was it 6,000 years.) For our family, that was fine as even my husband and I have different beliefs on some topics in the Bible. It gives our children an understanding as to why Mommy believes one way and Daddy believes wrong another way. 😉 Both my husband and I agreed that it was very in tune with what the Word of God has to say, though.

I was surprised that all of my children, from my 11 year old right down to my 1 year old, were able to sit down, watch this, and thoroughly enjoy it. My 11 & 9 year olds caught more of the humor than the others… or so we thought at first. Ever since, the 4 year old has been cracking jokes from the DVD that we didn’t even know he was paying attention to at the time! The baby loves to clap her hands to all of the music and finds all of the puppets interesting to watch.


So, would I buy this series? Certainly! As a matter of fact, we’ve decided to slowly add the rest of the DVDs to our collection and to include them in our homeschool Bible curriculum. The DVD came with a digital download, making it easier for viewing as we use a digital media player also. There are added activities (coloring pages, study guides, crafts, & Bible flashcards) on the website to make teaching along with the series that much simpler.

Have you watched any episodes in the series? What did you think? If not, check out the video below and tell me your view points from that. (And if you’re a Disney geek like I am, look at all that cool stuff Phil has in his collection behind where he is sitting. Here’s one hint… HARVEY!) Enjoy!

I was selected for participation in this review and given the What’s in the bible DVD as a member of The Homeschool Lounge Review Team. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Our Homeschool Today: Founders Academy

Today, and last Monday, Tommy & I sat down in front of my laptop to participate in 2 separate classes provided by Mrs. Schott (No relation, just a coincidence…) at Founders Academy.

As soon as I saw there were classes for the younger set of learners, I signed us right up. I’ve been following Founders Academy on Twitter and Facebook since last Summer, and hated that I had to wait YEARS to have a child old enough… because, honestly, I want to take the classes. Is that a problem? 😉

Last week, we learned about the American flag: what it means, how it came to be, & why it is important. I quickly realized that Tommy was not only learning about the flag, but how to listen to someone else. He also got to practice some of his computer knowledge as the class is interactive and he had to vote/answer questions. It was great!

This week, we learned about The Pledge of Allegiance. Why it’s important, how to be respectful during the Pledge, and of course, the words that we say.

Mrs. Schott does an amazing job of keeping the attention of my little crazy guy. He had a blast though, and stayed right on task.

If you are a homeschooling family, I highly recommend this company. The classes are very affordable, accredited, & educational!

Now… time for me to get back to watching that cork adhesive dry…



Anxiously Patient

So, here I am again. Yet another blog. I’ve lost count as to how many I’ve had now. I’ve written all over the place.

I wanted to start another personal blog because some times I just need to write about nothing in particular: What we did that day in school, a household project, craft project, sewing project, or just something funny that happened. Sure, I could have done that at Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven, but I really didn’t want to change the focus of that blog… and it wouldn’t be fair to do that to my fellow contributors there.

I’ve been anxious to do this for a few months… yet I never got around to it. I started a website back in January, but then we moved into our new (to us) home. On top of that, I’ve been supremely busy and dealing with health issues. So as anxious as I was, I became patient at the same time. This doesn’t make sense, and I’m aware of that. But it’s okay.

One reason I was determined to start this blog TODAY is because I want to document the transformation of our homeschool room… and that begins TODAY also. Once again, something I’ve been anxious for, though not nearly as patient. Just ask my poor husband how much I’ve nagged him…

But FINALLY the big delivery of cork board came yesterday for my “Wall O’ Cork”. Sounds awesome, right? Even more awesome? It’s changed into “Walls O’ Cork”. That’s right, cork everywhere. Ohhh how I cannot wait to hang so many fun things easily in that room!

I just can’t wait to tell the hubster tonight, “See that room? Put a cork in it.” Oh yeah, I’m that cheesy, corny, and annoying.

Here are the before photos from the previous owners of the house. Hopefully soon I’ll have an after photo for you. Why no before photos taken by yours truly? Because I’m the BEST housewife ever and that room is just way to meticulously clean to even step into… or not. It’s been a storage room for the most part lately. Right now it’s full of boxes containing everything that will go in once it’s done. I know, it’s bad. But hey, at least I’m being honest.

In case you were wondering: No, the previous owners did not leave the pool table or light fixture. That could have been an interesting school lesson though. No?

As for what else I have planned for the room: Vintage desks, black dry erase boards, television with dvd player, lots of shelving, built in workbox stations, cabinets, & a craft/experiment table.

Sooooo… What do you think? Anything I’m forgetting?