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My Thoughts on the Matter

Disclaimer: This will more than likely be my only personal thoughts shared on this matter because I typically like to keep it between me and God. I despise the constant bickering that has become social media and with that being said, I will not be engaging in debates or arguments. I just felt compelled to share my feelings so here I am. I also want to go ahead and inform you that you will not find arguments in support/opposition towards Law Enforcement, Black is Good/White is Bad, White is Good/Black is Bad, or my political viewpoints in this post. If you are trolling, this post is not for you.

For starters, I ask that you don’t jump to conclusions as to what my thoughts are before reading this post, seeing as I am a conservative white woman. This isn’t about I’m right, you’re wrong, vice versa. I do not exclude myself from being a receiver of this post just because I am the one writing it. As the old saying goes, I had to eat it first.

I am not a racist. I believe God looks at the heart, soul, and spirit of a human being, not the outward appearance or skin color. I have met many beautiful people with ugly souls, and I am a firm believer that what’s on the inside is what counts. I have family of all race and nationalities. They aren’t my family by blood or marriage, but by choice. Not only am I speaking about my brothers and sisters in Christ, but also about those I truly count as family, as though they honestly were blood.

In fact, one of the sweetest women in my family is a black woman who was my worship leader until marriage led her to a different area of the state. (GASP!! I belong to a multiracial church!) She has been my friend for many years and we refer to each other as Twin. Believe it or not, people actually get us confused. I refer to another black woman I know and love as Auntie. My kids have never known her as anything else. Then there’s the black man who pastors in a neighboring county and coincidentally shares my last name. My husband affectionately refers to him as his brother, not just in Christ. All 3 of these, and many others not mentioned, call my in-laws Mama and Papa. And these are just the ones in America.

I also have black siblings in Ghana, West Africa. My father-in-law very recently had open heart surgery and my sister in Ghana has not failed to send me a daily message asking how her Papa is doing. Our pastor friend over there calls my mother-in-law Mama Linda and even named one of his daughters after her. Yes, her name is Mama Linda. This doesn’t even begin to include the many others who are white like me, or Mexican, Indian, Native American, etc. that make up my family. I could never mention them all by name.

Anyway, that is not the purpose of my post, just a real glimpse into the background of my heart.

The point is this- I am not in any way, shape, or form surprised by the current events and chaotic state of our nation. It didn’t surprise me this week, last month, or even last year. Why? Yes, there is the whole thing that according to the Bible certain things have to be played out, but that’s not even it. It’s because we are living in a Godless nation. I 100% believe the United States of America has turned her back on God.

What is God? 1 John 4:8 says that God is love. When there is a Godless nation, it becomes a loveless nation. A nation without God and His love can only be filled with evil and hate. It’s as simple as 2+2.

This is the reason why these sad and depressing current events don’t shock me at all. What more could we expect from a broken, ugly, cruel place that has denied the love of Jesus?

Black lives Matter. White lives matter. Police lives matter. Christian lives matter. All lives matter. It’s all overwhelmingly heartbreaking that it has come to this. Apparently if you support one you’re automatically against the other and it’s ridiculous. And as ridiculous as it all is, do you want to know who I am really grieving over? The Church.

Please don’t stand up and applaud yourselves if you feel you fit this category.

I am grieved in my spirit because I am beyond disappointed in The Church. I have prayed this past week and even had to rebuke my own thoughts. I do my best to stay out of the social media circus because all it does is harm instead of help. And you know what I’m seeing? I’m not seeing God’s people shine His light in the midst of all this chaos. I’m seeing what is supposed to be His Church tearing each other apart with their words and actions. I’m scratching my head trying to figure out what part of all this we think is going to lead us into heaven.

See, as I scroll through my news-feed and I find I can’t tell my churchgoing friends apart from my non-churchgoing friends, I am grieved and disgusted. I’m not saying you aren’t allowed to be upset or even mad, but I do know the Bible says in Ephesians 4:26 to be angry and sin not.

Now, I’m not talking about the “Christians” who are nothing more than modern day Pharisees, Sadducees, and Hypocrites. I expect that from them. I’m talking about us that call ourselves the True Church of the Most High God…you know- the one that is supposed to be washed in the blood of the Lamb. The one Peter wrote to in 1 Peter 4:8 that is supposed to have fervent love for each other cause it covers a multitude of sins. The one Jesus expected to keep the greatest two commandments in loving God with our all and loving our neighbor as ourselves.

Listen, we do not get to pick and choose our neighbors. How can we honestly say we love God when we’re picking which neighbors to stand up for instead of operating in the love of the Father? When the True Church begins to operate in the same hate as the world, we might as well forget about being there 10,000 years, bright shining as the sun. We won’t be going. And that is a shame.

I realize by the world’s standards the things we spew out of our mouths (which is essentially where we stand in our hearts—Luke 6:45) are justified, but we aren’t supposed to be living by the world’s standards. Remember? Or have our hearts lost focus?
If anyone had the right to rant and rave about unjust persecution and the loss of innocent life it was Jesus. And if I remember correctly, His only social outburst during those current events was, “Father, forgive them.” (Luke 23:34)

Whether they are right or wrong, criminal or innocent, honest or crooked, black or white—God calls us to forgive. Will it be easy? No. But it would certainly go smoother if we fight this battle on our knees in prayer and not with our words and actions.

As I previously stated, I am truly disappointed in what is supposed to be The Church and ashamed to be included in what the world is seeing us represent right now. What I’m witnessing does not in any way reflect the God we’re said to be serving.

It’s time for REAL men and women of God to stand up and stand TOGETHER with all of our brothers and sisters in Christ, regardless of color, nationality, or background. It’s time we sincerely represent the God who is love and who has called us to serve Him and our neighbor. We must be careful in our claims as The Church. We must search ourselves. Wolves in sheep’s clothing will not be making the cut.

We are called to love in word, deed, actions, reactions, justice, injustice, and at all times. The world may be allowed to decide when love shuts off, but God’s people don’t have a choice- no matter the circumstance or situation. He calls for love and requires forgiveness.

I pray we begin to walk in this before it’s too late.


I’m Cheesy And I Know It

It is no secret that I’m a sucker for cheesy humor and puns. The invention of internet memes has not helped this guilty pleasure of mine one bit. My sense of humor is definitely… “different”…

My “jokes” are sometimes so painful that they even hurt me. My husband can often be heard saying “Please, just stop” when I’m being “funny”. As for my children, well, I wouldn’t be a good mother were I not embarrassing them, right?

Oh, and you know how a song will get stuck in your head and become an ear worm? Even if you don’t like the song? Yeah, when that happens to me, I can’t help but change the lyrics. It’s never anything semi-normal either. The more random and off the wall the better. After that I absolutely must sing the song repeatedly for about 2 weeks. Frequently. At the top of my lungs. It’s only natural to wear it out and not waste it.

So, today when I told my sweet hubby that I was making this graphic because I just couldn’t hold it in any longer, he just held his head in shame. Have I warned my children? No. And it’s very possible that they will be pretty humiliated. But this is who I am! Why can’t they all just accept it?


What about you? What’s your sense of humor like? Do you occasionally (or constantly) cause people to moan and groan when you crack a joke? I’d love to hear about it!


Emily’s Turn At The ORIGINAL Throwback Survey, Myspace Style…

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The ORIGINAL Throwback Survey!

The Basics:

What is your Name? Emily

What is the Name of your blog? Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven

What is your blog’s web address?

The Survey:

1. What state do you currently reside? Western Kentucky

2. What color is your natural hair? Blondish

3. How tall are you? 5’3 1/2″

4. What is your favorite food? Potatoes (well, I just call them taters)/Spaghetti/Pork chop/oh the list goes on!

5. What color shirt are you wearing right now? White and Pink

6. What are three cosmetic items that you wear every single day? Chapstick, ponytail holder or scrunchie (yes ma’am, I still use them!), deodorant

7. What is your denomination? Pentecostal

8. Describe your testimony? Blessed to have been raised in church and blessed to have several people in my life to encourage me and push me to be all that God has called me to be!

9. How did you meet your husband? Church. His dad is my Pastor. I never dreamed I’d be so blessed as to have Markus for my husband!

10. What is your favorite beverage? Here we go again! Sweet tea/koolaid/Sundrop

11. How many kids do you have? 2 beautiful girls. They are my life!

12. Have you ever experienced an earthquake? There have been several in our area (we live on the New Madrid Fault Zone!), but there’s only one I remember feeling. I was pregnant with my first daughter, asleep in the bed when my entire bedroom shook! Didn’t last much more beyond that, but I definitely noticed! lol!

13. What is your favorite TV show? Here we go again! LOL I’m really into just about any and all crime shows/Dance Moms (*cringe* I know, I know!)/Bunheads/Gaither Homecoming Shows/Duck Dynasty

14. What was the last movie you saw? Oh geez….I think it was half of Mary Poppins with the girls

15. Who is your favorite Bible character? Yikes!!! Ask my husband or sister, they’ll definitely back up the fact that I’m very indecisive (as if you couldn’t tell by previous questions)! Ruth, Rahab, Hannah, David, ahh! Again the list goes on!

16. What color are your eyes? Green

17. Are you a working mother, stay at home wife, or stay at home mom? Stay at home mom

18. Do you homeschool? Yes. Well, technically no. But when my kids are at home, I’m teaching! lol

19. Did/do you attend University? If so, where. No. It’s a possibility maybe in the future ?? :/ Remember, I’m indecisive!

20. If you could change one thing in your life what would it be? I would never complain. :/

21. Who is your favorite Christian singer or band? Jesus Culture/Bethel Worship/Gaither Music/The Crabb Family/Jeremiah Yocom/looooots more 😉

22. What is your absolute favorite color? Purple and Yellow (I’m sorry I can never stick to just one answer!!)

23. Think about something from the ocean and write it down: (yes, random…I know) Waves

24. Where is your favorite place to dine out? Texas Roadhouse/Crackle Barrel/Fazoli’s

25. Did you attend church camp? Yes and boy do I miss those days! lol!

26. Name a blog friend who’s name starts with the same letter as your name: Erica from Confessions of a Homeschooler (Okay, so technically we aren’t friends, but I follow her blog!) 🙂

27. Do you have a Facebook Account for your blog? Yes.

28. Do you have a Twitter Account for your blog? Yes. @RaiseStckyHands

29. Name someone you miss right now: My boyfriend…aka….my husband!

30. What is your happiest childhood memory? Anytime that involved hearing my mom/family sing and probably those times at church camp.

31. Name one thing you can cook better than your husband’s mother: (if you’re not married, then your own mother.) Cheesy Potato Soup (I don’t technically cook it better than her, I just prefer my version since I’m used to it. She is an awesome cook!)

32. Would you consider yourself stubborn? At times, definitely.

33. Do you feel like you are a good writer? I feel like I want to be a good writer but I have a lot of work to do!

34. Do you pin? If so, list your Pinterest screen name. Yes! Emily McClure

35. How many hours do you spend on Pinterest per day? Not as many as I’d like, but that’s probably a good thing. lol

36. Do you use WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, or Typepad? (or another?) I’m gonna assume this is a question more suited for Angie :/

37. Where do you stand on wearing socks with sandals? Oh man. I’m for seriously cringing here. It pains me to even conjure up an image!

38. Did you design your own blog, or hire a graphic designer? Angie does it all and she does awesome!!!

39. What is your favorite widget/gadget? Huh? Yep. I’m that computer illiterate. This is another question for Angie, I’m sure. 😉

40. If you had to choose only one, would you have a clean bathroom or a clean kitchen? Oh, definitely kitchen!! In fact, a lot of times I do have to choose and you can tell! (The joys of having children! lol)

41. Where did you honeymoon? Nashville, TN. Along with half of the wedding party. Yep. 🙁 Who wants to sponsor a better honeymoon for us?! Any takers?? 😀 I did enjoy it, though it was more like a mini-vacation with friends than a honeymoon.

42. Did you elope? Nope. What did one fruit say to the other? Let’s get married since we cantaloupe. Hehee

43. Do you have a favorite sports team? Kentucky Wildcats

44. What is your favorite praise & worship song? This definitely can’t even be narrowed down to a few! However, at the moment, I do love “One Thirst” by Bethel Worship (among MANY MANY others!)

45. Were you raised in church? Yes and for that I am so thankful!

46. When did you start blogging? When I was approached by Angie about Sticky Hands and I loved the idea. So glad I am now a blogger!

47. What are your favorite blogs? Blissful Wife, Holy Spirit Led Homeschooling, Time-Warp Wife, Women Living Well, Confessions of a Homeschooler and my very most favoritest…drum roll, please…RAISING STICKY HANDS! I absolutely love reading what my co-bloggers write!

48. Have you ever lived in another country? Yes. Twice, but only for 9 days at a time. 😉

49. Have you done missions? If so, where & when. Yes. I’ve been on 2 mission trips to Mexico City through Operation Serve International (which is how I’ve lived in another country) and I’m involved in so much more. Our church is VERY mission oriented. We have sent teams to Mexico City, South Africa and Ghana, West Africa, but we are constantly doing missions in our own and surrounding communities.

50. What version of the Bible do you prefer? NKJV.

51. What’s the story behind your blog name? Sharing Angie’s answer: I had felt God tugging at my heart to begin blogging again. I had no idea for a name though. I had already contacted Karen about joining me, and I may have asked Emily. I was praying for just the right name for a few weeks. One day I was at home with all 5 of my kids when one asked, “Mom, why do you wash your hands all the time?” I didn’t think much of it… But a few hours later I laughed & said, “Oh my word! My hands are always sticky from you kids!” And it hit me. Just like that. In the moments my hands are sticky, the kids are crying, dinner is ruined, my house is in shambles, and someone is needing a hug… I just have to stop what I’m doing, raise my sticky hands towards Heaven, and praise Him. And there you have it folks, the reason behind our crazy name.

52. Describe the ultimate hands down best date on a $20 budget.
$20 spent entirely on food cause I love food, followed by playing at the park or fishing. I’ll even settle for sidewalk chalking. Or my mushier version- same for $20, followed by a foot/back massage cause that would be awesome (for me anyway, not for Markus cause he’d have to give it lol )

53. Will you tell one blogger about this survey? If so, then who? (optional: include their web address) Yes

54. What is your favorite scripture? Okay, why do you keep doing this to me??? You know I can’t pick just one! I have MANY and they change a lot, but currently it’s Proverbs 3:5-6


Considering The Lillies

I guess the older we get, the more we recall past experiences with tempered melancholia. What seemed tragic in childhood, after mature reflection, seems somewhat sweeter as time passes. Bitter-sweet is an apt way to describe it.

My shepherd dog, Skippy, was my best friend. We were both born in Birmingham, Alabama. My parents got him when he was a puppy & I was barely walking. We loved each other unconditionally. I remember my parents telling me how Skippy saved me from toddling into a busy street by pulling me back by the seat of my pants before they could get to me.

Time wore on & we were living in Paducah, KY. I was in 4th grade & when we were at school, Skippy, would leave our house just off Schniedeman Rd. & go to my Aunt’s house – all the way to Park Ave. That’s a long trek for a dog, but he learned to cross the street with the lights & always made it back safely. She took care of him until he decided the visit was over. Most everybody on his route knew him by name.

One afternoon he came home sick & laid in the backyard for hours. Dad came home from work & said he had been poisoned & we would just stay with him until it was time for him to leave us. We didn’t leave his side. My Mom cried. We all cried as we watched him leave us. I remember it as if it happened 5 minutes ago. Daddy wrapped him in a clean white sheet & carefully carried him away. We buried him in the field right next to our house. I drove by there a while back to see if the field had been upset by new construction. It hasn’t been touched. “Consider the lilies of the field” has a special meaning to this woman who will never forget her best friend, Skippy.


A Girl Can Dream… SHEESH!

I’ve never really had the desire to become famous. In fact, I’ve always been the small town girl who wants to stay in that small town. I’ve lived in the same town all my life, with the exception of the first year and few months of my marriage when we lived in a town about 30 minutes away. Just being that far away drove me crazy so I was thrilled when we had the opportunity to move back home. So as you can tell, I’d never be able to make it in the big city as a rock star or as a movie star in Hollywood.

However, I have decided that I am going to win a Dove Award. Normally, you could stick a piece of Dove milk chocolate (yummy!!!) in front of me and I’d be happy, but have you ever watched the awards?? Have you seen the people who win these awards? They are amazingly talented and blessed with incredible God-given gifts. And just about every artist or songwriter comes across as the neighbor you’ve known all your life. I earnestly enjoy watching the Dove Awards (which I believe should take place biannually, not just annually) because it just blesses my spirit. There are artists from every area of gospel music all under one roof, celebrating what God has done for them and others through that music. Whether it’s Karen Peck Gooch belting it out with Yolanda Adams, Lecrae or Natalie Grant, they’ve all gathered together for the purpose of worshiping God.

Ya know…I don’t even have to win an award, just let me be a part of the show! And if I have to, I’ll even settle for hosting it. Oh yeah, while we’re in dream mode, I am also determined to be included in one of the Gaither Homecoming videos. That’s right. You heard me. Determined. If you have ever met me or my sister, you know that music is our life. Let me clarify- God is our life, but I’m pretty positive if you were to pull out the heart He gave us, it would be shaped like a music note. So of course she would be right there beside me on the video (my Mom, too!).

Now before you call this small town, Kentucky girl crazy, let me share with you this tidbit of info…Jason Crabb won the Male Vocalist of the Year and Artist of the Year Dove Awards this year AND He is featured on many Gaither videos. Guess where he’s from—-Beaver Dam, KY. Another Dove Award winner is artist Steven Curtis Chapman and he is from Paducah, KY (that’s the biggest town in my area, about an hour away). Something to think about, huh? Well, I am thinking about it! I told you, I am determined. All right, now for the most important part- who has the connections?


Chop Chop!

As I grow older, I realize that as long as I’m on the “chubby” side, I must keep my hair shorter.  I’ve tried to grow it out several times, but it just doesn’t accentuate my very round face. As most know, I have a terrible habit of cutting my own hair.  I don’t stay satisfied very long.  I call myself a “chopaholic”.

My sister is constantly threatening to take my scissors away.  I keep a very tight hold on them.

It doesn’t stop there.  I cut my children’s hair, (not to the extent that I do mine), my husbands hair, my sister and her kids hair, etc.  But the funny thing about it is, I absolutely do not have a license to do so. Never went to school.  It’s a God given gift. That’s the only way that I can explain it.  It saves my family a lot of money. Yep, my coloring is a self job also.

Maybe one of these days, I will lose some weight and maybe, just maybe, grow my hair out again.  But that’s about as likely as me going Chunky Dunkin’! (instead of skinny dippin’) 🙂


What Are They Cooking?

Dragon Fruit, Chopped

I love watching the Food Network! I love “Chopped” and the shows that are equivalent to that. But the thing that gets me is, I have NO CLUE what they are making, much less what the ingredients are that they use! The judges are a totally different story. I could NOT eat what is placed in front of me. I wonder if they do spit takes when the camera is not on them? Hmmmm….

I want my good ol’ fashioned, home-style, comfort food at any given moment. I love good ol’ southern cookin’.

Heck, most people like me can’t even pronounce half of the ingredients that the rest of the world is using. How in the world do they find out what is edible or not? Who was the first person to eat that one certain ingredient, to make sure that it was not poisonous?

Take dragon fruit for example. To me, it looks down right scary! How do you incorporate a food that has a bitter taste, into a dish that is savory? How do totally different types of food come together to make something brilliant?

I encourage you to watch your food closely. Choose your ingredients wisely. Go ahead and experiment with some of the weird, crazy, and edible foods out there.

(By the way, I’ll stick to my usual…) LOL

Happy Feasting!


Hair, Hair Everywhere!

Why must things get so complicated as we get older? Every woman has that fear of having that one long hair on your face, and no one tells you about it.

Well, I have found that the older I get, it seems that the little “fine” hairs on my face look like they are becoming thicker and a lot more noticeable!  Ugh!!!  I want to scream as I look in the mirror.  I know that I am not the only one facing this by any means, but “Why Me?”!!!!!   LOL

I also know that some women do not face this at all, while others suffer a whole lot worse. It seems minor compared to other things that could be going on, but…  I don’t want to look like a Sasquatch either.

Kinda makes me wanna sing, “You’re so vain… You probably think this blog is about you…”


Remember That Time I Got Stuck In The Elevator Door?

First of all, this will NOT be a spiritual post. However, it was requested by a few that I blog about it, so here you go. I hope it makes you all smile, even if at my expense.

Hmm... Now I see why my 3rd child is afraid of these things...

On Wednesday afternoon my Mom and I packed my 3 youngest children up in the car and headed down to City Hall to handle some business.

It was hectic, confusing, and HOT in the building. The elevators were small, just barely fitting my huge bus of a double stroller.

On my, oh, 348th ride on the elevator, I hit a snag:

The doors opened. The girl and guy inside the elevator slowly ease their way out. We’re talking snail speed. It was fine, I wasn’t in a hurry. But they looked at me like I was a greeter who was supposed to tell them which direction to go. You know, because the city hires women and let’s them bring 3 children under 3 to work with them… 😉

Finally, they were out of the way and I started to back into the elevator, and that’s when it happened:

I felt the door closing on my shoulder! It wasn’t stopping, it just kept going, so I moved forward… but not enough.

I WISH the elevator was this big...

My left butt cheek was STUCK in the door and about 10-12 people were just standing there, looking at me like “What a moron”. Can’t say I blame them… But I literally had to PULL my rear end OUT of the door. I flashed images of the elevator moving and ripping my butt off. (I have an imagination, obviously.)

I’ve been sitting a little oddly since, but have been okay otherwise.

Oh, and I was there to get a zoning permit for the business license to start the online store we are about to launch on this site. Talk about being professional! Thank goodness that I quickly hit the “down” button right after and the doors opened right back up about 10 seconds later.

Talk about embarrassing!

No really, talk about embarrassing… What’s happened to you? Let’s all laugh at ourselves and just how silly we can be…


I Feel A RANT Coming On…

First off, let me start with saying that this is to NO Offense what so ever to smokers!!

So, here goes…. I absolutely can not stand it when someone will use the “last” of their money to go buy cigarettes or alcohol! Instead of buying a loaf of bread and a pack of bologna, or Ramen Noodles for their kids, or putting a little gas in the car to get them going at least a little further, they smoke up their money. I know people right now, that would buy lottery tickets, cigarettes, beer, or drugs before doing for their family. Instead, they ask everyone else to feed their kids so that they can go out and do whatever they want to or leave them with the grandparents to raise while they use the benefits for their selfish desires.

Also, government assistance, such as food stamps, is a privilege. Yet there are those who will sell off the food for cash so that they can have the money to support their habit. It really makes my blood boil! I’m all for government assistance, if you qualify, but don’t abuse it! It’s for those who really need it and not for the ones who just want to bum around thru life free of any responsibility.

So, now that I got that off my chest, can I get an Amen?