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I Wonder Why…

I wonder why… when you leave a car door open or trunk, lift gate, etc., your light will read, “door ajar”? Why the “ajar”? Why not put “open”? They both have 4 letters. It’s not like they are saving space…

I wonder why… As soon as you get home from somewhere, and your ready to turn the car off, your favorite song will come on?

I wonder why… when I’m not going to go anywhere and I fix my hair, it always does better than if I was actually gonna go somewhere?

I wonder why… it’s impossible to hold your eyes open when you sneeze?

I wonder why… other people seem to find the most perfect deals and it’s like you couldn’t have found a deal like that if your life depended on it?

I wonder why… your favorite DVD will tear up in a heartbeat, but the annoying one that you wish would tear up, seems to be indestructible?

I wonder why… when the trash can is overflowing, and your children see that it is overflowing, that is when they continue to put trash into it?

Things that make you go “hmmm”!


I Wonder Why… Part 2

~Do you ever wonder why you never have to go to the bathroom during a break or such, but as soon as that break has passed, guess what???

~Do you wonder why when someone asks you if you want anything to eat and you’re not hungry at the time, so you tell them no, and not even 20 minutes later, you are about to starve?

~Do you ever wonder why it is that as soon as you lay down in the bed at night, and get all comfy, that is when you have to pee? Badly!

~Do you ever wonder why it is, that when you get to go to the restaurant, and you’re determined to order something different, you get there and wind up ordering the same ol’ thing?

~Do you ever wonder why when you think about someone, whom you haven’t thought about in a while, you manage to see them on your next trip to the store?

~Do you ever wonder why it seems when you finally set a day to start that diet that you’ve started a hundred times before, that is when you are offered a baked good that you just can’t refuse?

~Do you ever wonder why it is, when you buy or are given a candle that you REALLY love, you don’t want to burn it in fear of never having another one?

Maybe you can relate to some of these, or maybe some of them are just me…. Anyhoo, have a great day and if you have any “wonder why’s”, feel free to share them with us!


I Wonder Why?

Have you ever wondered why we sometimes say, “Bye Bye” after a conversation? Why say it twice? Doesn’t the one “Bye” get the job done?

Why do some people call a soft drink a “soda” while others call it a “pop”? You also have the ones who call it a “soda pop” and regardless of what kind it is, all of them are to some, “colas”.

Sometimes I feel old before my time. Especially when I sub at the elementary school. I will tell the kids to get ready to go home and get their “book bags” and they look at me like I have 2 heads. They are now, strictly, “back packs”.

Many times I find myself in a rut in a phone conversation, while listening to the other person on the line. This will be my side of the convo: “Oh, really? UmHummm… Yeah… Exactly… I know what you mean…. yeah….. yep, yep…. EXACTLY! … umhumm… I know…. yes…” etc. Why am I at a loss for words?

Why is it that when you load the trash up and take it out, within an hour, the trash can is full again?

Why is it that when you buy your child a pair of shoes that fit perfect when you buy them, and within a couple of weeks, they are too tight for them to wear?

Have you ever wondered why after a month of planning for your child to have a “Toy Story” birthday cake, they suddenly have lost interest and decide that they want “Mario” instead?

Why one day, your child absolutely loves chili and when you make it for them, they refuse to eat it because you ran out of hotdogs.

Why? Some things are because “life happens”. Others, we will never know.