Coming Soon: Schoolhouse Expo (And today, a GIVEAWAY!)


Coming Soon: Schoolhouse Expo (And today, a GIVEAWAY!)

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The Old Schoolhouse has so many resources to offer homeschool families. There’s The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, a FREE magazine that you can read online every month either on their website or on an app with your phone or tablet. I even read it recently on an airplane at 30,000 feet. The articles in this magazine are incredible. In fact, it’s so hard to believe it is free. The magazine is loaded with high quality articles full of advice, ideas, reviews, and sometimes even some freebies. Then there’s, a membership website full of curricula that can either be used as supplements to what you already use or as a full stand alone curriculum for your children, ebooks, planners, and more. (If you join now, your first month is only $3! There are yearly memberships available as well.) Schoolhouse Library is the newest resource of The Old Schoolhouse. For a one time membership purchase of $25 your family has access to an entire library just for homeschooling families. And of course there is Schoohouse Review Crew ( 😉 ) among several other branches of resources. But today we are going to talk about one of my absolute FAVORITE resources, Schoolhouse Expo. No, this isn’t the monthly Schoolhouse Expos you are thinking of. Yes, those are great also… But this is the granddaddy of Expos…


Giveaway for 1 ticket to Schoolhouse Expo from Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven August 4-11


While comfy on my couch, headphones on one ear, coffee in hand, and most likely my hair a horrid mess I will be listening to some of my favorite homeschool speakers for 5 days this month. I don’t have to get a baby sitter or worry about packing a suit case. Since the daily sessions begin at 10am pacific time (That’s 1pm eastern) I will have just enough time to get the kids out of bed, clothed, and fed. Chores will be done. My children can play and enjoy some games while Mom learns and equips herself for the upcoming year. (Can you guess what I’m excited about yet? I’m such a homebody… And it shows!)


Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? I would say you wouldn’t believe the price, but you’ve already seen it in the graphic above… But seriously, $24 for an expo of this size? That’s a bargain! If I were to travel (cost right there), stay in a hotel (more money), attend a conference… you get the picture. This way, I’ll be listening to speakers like Marie Rippel, Tyler Hogan, Molly Green, Jay Wile, and others while chatting with fellow homeschoolers. What if the kids interrupt, you ask? Not a problem. All sessions will be recorded and available to attendees to listen to later.


Just think, if The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is so great every month… I can’t wait to see how the Schoolhouse Expo is!


If you’re interested in attending Schoolhouse Expo, you can click here to purchase a ticket. But if you want to wait and see if you’re able to win this spiffy giveaway, that’s okay too. 😉


The winner will be announced one week from today and will have 48 hours to claim their prize. (I’ll send the winner an email, don’t worry busy moms.) Sorry, but entry is only open to those in the United States. You can see the rest of of the terms and conditions in the widget below where you enter.

Hope to “see” you there!


Disclaimer: I was given a free ticket to Schoolhouse Expo in exchange for this post.


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