Dance Party! Song Of The Week…


Dance Party! Song Of The Week…

Who doesn’t love a feel-good song? Especially one that makes it impossible for you to sit still as you listen. This week’s song is a favorite of mine (and my girls). I am constantly hearing “Mom, turn ‘All Around’ on!” They beg me to turn it on so we can have a dance party. 99% of the time, I give in and turn it on. Why? Cause I love having a dance party, too.

Naomi and Adah get creative and dance. I just do what I can! 🙂 By the time the song is over, I can barely breathe, but you better believe we don’t just do it once. More like 2 or 3 times in a row. Forget Zumba and Wii Fit. This has become my daily work-out routine. And I love it! Besides, it brings joy to my soul and brightens my mood. Therefore, it has certainly become an every day MUST.

I want you to take all of the craziness of your life and shove it aside right now. Put it all out of your mind. Take a deep breath, and declare, “It is time for me to have some fun!” I promise it won’t hurt to take a few minutes out of your day to turn this song on, get up and DANCE! And if you enjoy yourself, it’s totally okay to play the song again and start all over!







by Raze

There’s a place I know
With a spirit of love
Everywhere I go there’s a feeling of hope
There’s a land of love
Where we can all live
All around
Around the world
If you could see what I’ve seen
Then you’d believe it’s true
A place where there’s no sorrow
And lives are made brand new


We enter by Your grace
Into Your holy place
Doesn’t matter where we go
You show how real You are

And I see You all around
And I need You in my life
And You hold me in Your arms
I believe in You


And when all my days are over
When all is said and done
I stand before my Maker
Jesus Christ the Holy One

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Emily is a wonderful mother of two beautiful girls. She is teaching them to serve God with all their hearts. Emily is also a wonderful wife to an anointed pastor in western Kentucky. She is a wonderful helpmate both spiritually and physically in her husband's ministry. She is dedicated to God and to spreading the gospel and Love of Jesus. (Written by her husband, Markus. ;) )