Emily’s Update For Week 5 (Recapturing Your Beautiful Fitness Challenge With Walking Redeemed.org)


Emily’s Update For Week 5 (Recapturing Your Beautiful Fitness Challenge With Walking Redeemed.org)

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Fitness Update Week 5

Okay, I’m not gonna lie. I’m pretty sure that instead of doing more each week, I’ve been doing less. And I’ve definitely come no where near to meeting the goals I had laid out for me each week.


Again, I’m not gonna lie…I’m only a little disappointed at this. I’m not as disappointed as I think I should be. Why?


Starting The Year Off Right


Because although I’m not doing as well as I thought I should be, I’m still doing something. Before this challenge, I wasn’t doing anything! I may not be doing as many workouts/sit ups/push ups/et c as I had planned for myself, and I may not be doing as many as I could be, but I’m doing something. I am much more active than before and I have started drinking a lot more water than before.


So I’m not as fit as an aerobics instructor. So I’m not as fit as an athlete. So I still have a long way to go. So what! I’m a busy mom who hasn’t given up and don’t plan to. Not even when this 8 week challenge is over.


Recapturing Your Beautiful



It’s week 5. Don’t worry if you aren’t where you think should be. Just be glad you aren’t where you were. 😉


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

-Philippians 4:13-

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