The Girl Who Waits – Help Bring Masha Home


The Girl Who Waits – Help Bring Masha Home

This is a guest post from my dear friend, Cindy. She brought the story of Masha and the New family to my attention and it immediately melted my heart. With Cynthia New‘s permission, Cindy and I have put this post together so that you may read this story as well. God’s hand is all over this, and I just love watching it all unfold. Let’s bring Masha home!


A girl waits


A long time ago in an orphanage far, far away (okay, a decade, and in Ukraine), a group of girls grew up together.  Surrendered to the system and ignored by society, they waited… waited to hear those magic words, “A family is coming to meet you.”  Eventually those girls aged out of the baby house that had been their only home.  Fortunately for them, they all ended up at the same orphanage for older children, and the only family they had known remained intact.


Help bring Masha home! Visit for more info.


One by one, families came for the girls.  One by one, they left their orphanage for a new life.  So one by one, the group got smaller, and smaller.  And the girls left behind smiled and sniffled through their friends’ farewell parties, wondering when it would be their turn, and whether they would ever see their friends again.


As many of those girls were adopted by American families, they have seen their friends again.  Though they may live across the country from each other, miracles of modern communication helped to connect the families and reunite the girls in their new lives and with their new families.  But there is an empty seat at the table.


Today, as you are reading these words, a girl waits.  The last of her friends from the baby house, and stuck with a “special needs” health label that scares off many prospective parents, a wonderful little girl waits, hoping that some day it’ll be her turn to hear those magic words.


A mother dreams


Here in America, a serviceman’s family with two boys of their own had an extra seat at their table.  They always knew they’d like to add to their family through adoption, but never pursued it because they did not feel they could afford it.  But still, the mother dreamed.


The desire to adopt was reawakened in them when their pastor adopted two girls from Ukraine.  One of those girls belonged to the group that had grown up together and reunited in America.  She was very excited to be going off to a new life with a family of her own, but sad to leave her best friend behind, to wait some more.


Her name is Masha


One day, after a sermon on adoption, the family approached their pastor.  The idea of adopting weighed heavily on their hearts, and they felt God leading them to make a leap of faith and find a child to adopt.  Their pastor asked if they had someone specific in mind, they didn’t.  He knew the perfect girl, “Her name is Masha.”


Since that day, Andy and Cynthia New have been working tirelessly toward the goal of adopting Masha, and bringing her into the very community her best friend now calls home.  They have completed all the home studies, background checks, and other paperwork for their dossier, which the Ukraine adoption authority has already approved, and are waiting to be assigned an appointment date to fly to Ukraine and begin the in-country process of adopting Masha.  But one thing stands in their way: funding.


Here’s where you come in


Adopting a child is not cheap, and bringing home and caring for a child with health issues even less so.  This passionate, loving family, who have already accepted Masha into their hearts, need your help to go get their child.  They have already raised thousands of dollars through yard sales, tamale sales, online fundraisers, etc.  But they need thousands more.


The New family has now been given a date to arrive in the Ukraine to bring Masha home, but they still need the funds to do so. The day is only a few short weeks away, and they need all the help they can get! 


This Christmas season, you will have many charities reaching their hands out, hoping to benefit from your holiday generosity.  Of course, you hope that a majority of the funds you give go where you intended.  But here is a different sort of opportunity for giving.  And you know it’s not getting siphoned off the top for advertising or executive salaries.  Will you commit to helping the New family bring Masha home?




You can contribute directly to Masha’s adoption fund here (she is listed on the site under a pseudonym, as are all the children on Reece’s Rainbow):

Any donation made through that site will be tax deductible!


Want to read more?


You can follow the New family’s adoption journey at:


Here you can read their pastor tell Masha’s story:


Hopefully next time those smiling girls get together, a new smiling face will join them.  Once again the way to donate is at this link:


~Cindy K



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