God Bless Me. Or You. Both Of Us? Oh, For Heaven’s Sake!


God Bless Me. Or You. Both Of Us? Oh, For Heaven’s Sake!

Since we got married almost 6 years ago, my husband has gotten me in the habit of saying “God bless me” for just about EVERYTHING! In return, we say “God bless you” for just about anything.

Burps, sneezes, falls, accidentally changing the channel on the remote, typos, too much salt in the boiling water, and even ink blots.

When we first met (and immediately married) this really confused me. But when I questioned it, my brother in law that lived with us at the time interrupted instantly and let me know, “You can bless anyone for just about anything!”

Fast forward nearly 6 years.

Now I cannot remember: When YOU sneeze, are YOU actually supposed to say anything? It feels weird not to now. But at the same time, it seems strange to insist that someone bless you simply for sneezing.

“Howdy stranger. I know I just sneezed a nasty cold virus all over the back of your brand new insanely expensive foreign wool coat that costs what is a car payment to most. But please, would you beg God to bless me?”

Totally weird, right?

I really need to look up a manners and etiquette blog, stat. While I’m at it, I need to start studying grammar/punctuation again. The internet has ruined me…

When do you “Bless” someone?


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