Guilty Pleasures: Chili & Icing


Guilty Pleasures: Chili & Icing

I hope he's stirring a gallon of icing into that big ol' pot!  Photo Credit: Joe Zlomek

I hope he’s stirring a gallon of icing into that big ol’ pot!
Photo Credit: Joe Zlomek

Who doesn’t like a nice, warm bowl of chili when there’s a crisp to the air? Well, my youngest son can’t stand chili, but that’s beside the point…lol

Anyhoo, I love my chili. With lots of cheese… and… a dollop of vanilla icing.

No, that is not a typo. I love sweet with my spicy.

Usually, I make cinnamon rolls and cut one up into my chili. But if I don’t make them, I settle for the icing. I know that I’m weird! lol

Since I like the combination sweet and salty also, I love honey with my hamburgers and on my french fries! Again, weird, I know…

Do you have any weird “guilty pleasure” that you would like to share with us? Feel free to comment.

Be Blessed ya’ll!

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