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Prayer… Is It On Your Child’s School Supply List?

When I wrote this year’s Back to School post (Covering Your Student in Prayer), I had completely forgotten about writing this post last year. All of us at RSHTH are busy moms/grandmas/teachers/women/etc., and somehow, we never got around to getting this post up (you all understand how hectic our lives can be, right? 😉 ). As I said, I had actually forgotten all about it. I was just going to scrap it, but I realized how similar it was to this year’s post. It’s all about prayer and the awesome God we’re praying to! When I reread it, I realized just how important it is for me to be praying for my girls because I have seen some of the struggles they’ve been through. I really needed to read this again, so I decided to go ahead and share it with you all—-just in case you need it, too! ~Emily

Covering Your Students in Prayer - Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven

Bam! All of sudden it hit me. It came out of nowhere. What was it? The start of a new school year. I mean, didn’t school just let out yesterday? Geez. And I have to deal with this for many more years! Naomi is starting 1st grade, Adah is starting pre-kindergarten and I didn’t know that it wasn’t going to get better each year. I was under the impression that once I survived the emotions of kindergarten, it would only get easier. Nope. I now have 1st grade emotions busting my theory. :/ Each year is just going to bring an older child who is growing up way too fast! I’m an emotional Mommy!

I’m not a homeschooling mama, though it’s always a future possibility. My girls attend a small public school and so far we love it. Regardless of whether it’s public or home school, when it comes to ‘Back to School,’ there is one school supply that every child needs….Prayer!

Prayer - The most important item on your child's school supply list.

As parents, it is our duty to cover our children with prayer. And although this should be a constant, it should be even more so during the school year.

I remember during my school days the stress of homework, tests, and peer pressure. I couldn’t wait to be done with school! It wasn’t until I was graduated/married/a mother/having to pay bills/an ADULT that I realized being in school was one of the easiest times in my life.

In reality, was it really easy? No. To my adult life it seems that it was easier than the things I deal with in my life now. But to my childhood self, it was definitely hard.

Hard? As a child? Yes. Think about it. Children are naturally people pleasers. They want to please their parents, teachers, coaches, pastors, youth pastors, et c. Children do not want to let anyone down. Grades must be kept up, homework must be done, tests must be passed. And this doesn’t even compare to peer pressure! Children want to fit in and be accepted. I know we all remember the days of wanting the best clothes, cutest back pack, et c. A particular memory I have is begging my parents for contacts the summer between 6th and 7th grade. “No one in junior high wears glasses!!! I cannot go to 7th grade unless I have contacts!” When I look back I can’t help but laugh at how silly that was; but in my 12 year old mind, that was a legitimate issue and I would’ve been devastated if my mom didn’t let me get contacts.

Then there’s the fact that not all parents are alike. Not all children are being led by Godly (or even good) parents. Children are easily influenced and their influences rub off on other kids. I’ll never forget the day Naomi came home from preschool sad because her friend’s dad was taken to jail the night before. Even though I was shocked at what was true information being shared with Naomi by her 4 year old friend, I had to remember that we have no clue what’s going on in anyone else’s home life. Thankfully, Naomi asked to pray for her friend, and I realized I was doing something right.

When it comes to our school years versus our lives now, it’s easy for us to laugh off or simply ignore the things our little ones face everyday. We may see their problems as small, yet at this point in their lives, mole hills may be mountains to them. Prayer is vital!

Don’t just pray for your child. Pray for their friends. Pray for their teachers. Pray for yourselves and other parents. Pray for safety. Pray that your child remains stress free. Pray that they shine the light of Jesus. Pray that they excel in learning. Pray that they can grasp understanding in difficult subjects. Pray that they always believe in themselves. Pray that they remain well-behaved. Pray that they are kind to others.


Pray! Pray! Pray!

When gathering school supplies for your little ones this year, please don’t forget to grab a Without Ceasing dose of prayer (1 Thessalonians 5:17)!

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