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A Moment Of Randomness

Sooooo, I’m sitting here in the process of going thru both of my son’s clothes. Separating the summer from the winter, taking out the one that are too little to pass on to cousins, giving the rest to missions, and low and behold half of my youngest sons clothes are missing. I had him to bring me ALL of his clothes from his drawers so that I could sort. I can’t find over half of his stuff. I go into their bedroom, (my boys share a room), and there are random piles of clothing. One laundry rectangular basket has clothes in it with all of Creed’s shoes neatly aligning the top.?! A clever way of “hiding” his dirty laundry. There is another pile of dirty clothes with a blanket spread over the top… Well, the missing clothes are not no longer missing.

The other thing that made me cringe, was all of Isaac’s clothes being piled on top of his dresser, while the drawers below were empty. Ahhhh…. Why do I even fold them? lol

I get all of Essie’s clothes organized the way that I want them: pants, shirts, pajamas, undergarments, etc… then I discover that she has been putting her shirts in with her pajamas and other articles of clothing in the wrong drawers, even after having a long discussion of why I separate the clothes and why I have them in each drawer differently.

Josie is a whole other story…

Do other moms have so much trouble with the everyday laundry woes? If so, feel free to share!

Happy trails!