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Blonde hair. Blue eyes. White skin. Nope.
Black skin. Brown eyes. Dark hair. Nope.
What does He really look like?
He has eyes that are like fire. His hair is like snow. He has feet like brass and His voice is like mighty rushing waters.
Wow. Can’t wait to meet Him!

(above originally posted by me in a FB note on June 11. 2011)

Many of us have serious misconceptions on who Jesus is. We tend to put too much focus on His physical appearance. I think if that part mattered, there would have been more descriptions of Him written in the Bible. The only description I remember reading of His outward looks is found in the book of Revelation, chapter 2.

Then there are those of us who keep Him perpetually hanging on a cross. Yes, the cross of Calvary is a very important part of His story, but He did not stay there.

The Bible, God’s Word, put the majority of it’s focus on what He did and what He is able to do. Not on how He looked doing it. There are also people out there that know who Jesus is, know what He’s done, know what He’s capable of, but believe they aren’t worthy of Jesus. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

I dare you. Look deep inside and ponder who Jesus really is to you. The Bible says, “Seek the Lord while He may be found; call upon Him while He is near.”- Isaiah 55:6 Seek Him. Search Him out. Study Him. Get close to Him. Have a relationship with Him. It’s extremely worth it. The benefits are out of this world…literally.