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LOVE is a Battlefield?

“We are young ~ Heartache to heartache we stand ~ No promises, no demands ~ Love is a battlefield…” ~ Pat Benatar ~ Love Is A Battlefield

Love is a Battlefield? - Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven


The old song has been used time and again. whether it’s a throw back movie, a commercial, a girl rock band, or karaoke.

We’ve all heard it.  It gets in your head.

My question, is WHY did the songwriter use LOVE? Out of everything that comes at you on a daily basis, why choose the word LOVE over the word LIFE? I believe there are people out there, as well as myself, that could better relate to a song that sung to the tune of, “Life is a battlefield…” better than the original . I mean, WHO doesn’t face battles in life, right?

This adventure that we call LIFE is so unpredictable, that we don’t know from one day to the next how to prepare. Do I go out today with an umbrella or a bullet proof vest? Should I put on my “bigger” girl panties or am I safe in just my “big” girl ones? When I am supposed to turn the “other cheek” which set should I offer? Talk about battlefield…

This battlefield of life is where the friends that you’ve had since forever become your enemy. Children are constantly bullied not only by other children but by adults.  Kids and Teens are taking their own lives at an unforeseen rate due to the rise in bullying and nothing can be done about what can not be seen… Talk about battlefield…

Drugs that older street drugs are reappearing under new names, with higher usage and addiction rates. New drugs, which are targeted to teens, and the college age, young adult crowd, are made to look more enticing and fun than they used to.  This is causing more overdoses and the ones that are becoming addicted to this stuff are your “normal, everyday” person.  Chances are, that someone you are close to has tried these drugs or are using now. Talk about battlefield…

More preteens and teens are facing depression now than every before. Body image is thrown in their face everyday.  It’s on TV, magazine, social media, catalogs, mannequins, videos, etc.  Young people are starving themselves, cutting themselves, etc., because they think they are fat when they look perfectly fine.  Some of the music that kids are listening to will increase these emotions.  Their image, in their minds, is equal to their self worth, their ability to be loved, their attractiveness to the opposite sex. This all leads to depressive states which could trigger other things. Talk about battlefield…

I believe that Pat Benatar had a point with her hit “Love is a Battlefield”, but I also believe that she had it wrong.  The battlefield of LIFE has definitely surpassed any type of battlefield that Love has.

LOVE  took care of every battle and the war was won on Mt. Calvary.

LOVE was Christ.

Come to Earth as flesh.



Soon coming King…