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I’m Not Who I Once Was

Before we find the love of Christ, we can be some pretty rotten people.  Not necessarily “bad” but not under the covering of Christ, which means that we are not “saved” and on our way to Heaven.

When we turn from our wicked ways and give our hearts and lives totally to Jesus, we can live knowing that we have eternal peace with the Father.  We turn from every sin and change the way that we think.  We love others unconditionally.  Our desire is to be Christ-like.

I know everyone has heard the analogy, “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to McDonalds makes you a big mac!”  This is so true. Many people go to church out of routine or habit or because they were taught to as a child. They go to see who’s there, to see who has a new dress who has the best hair.  To compare how much money that each person makes… That’s what country clubs are for.

When you truly give your heart to Christ, you truly turn from EVERYTHING that is not of Him.  You are not the person that you used to be. You are a new creature.  And if you fail, repent.  That’s why we have grace and mercy.  God knows that we are not perfect and that we are going to fail at times. Thank God that He forgives us when we ask in true repentance.