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Why Are Children So Messy?

I, for one, know that my house will NEVER be SPOTLESS. At least the one on this side of Glory. I have 4 children for goodness sake! lol Four, blessed, wonderful children, whom have to have fires lit under their bottoms to get ANYTHING DONE lately. (Not literally, of course. My children have not been harmed by fire or in anyway for the sake of this blog or for any other reason for that matter.)

I’m sure it’s not just my “chilruns” whom have become lazy and and unruly. They, for sure and certain, are getting their fair share of discipline. BUT, how hard is it to pick up your dirty clothes off of the floor? Can’t be any harder than sitting there building your Legos and reaching for your Hot-Wheels.


Why are children so messy?

Four, blessed, wonderful children, an amazing husband that is a great provider, a cute little dog “Chief”, and a partridge in a pear tree…


All four of them are old enough to know not to throw trash on the floor, but it doesn’t mean that the dog won’t drag it out or they’re not going to put it on the floor anyways. If you see trash on the floor, pick it up… DUH! If the trash can is overflowing, take the trash out…DUH!

They do think that our money tree over harvested this year… you know? The one in our backyard, right beside the pond made of liquid gold? Every time we turn around, our oldest needs money for one school club or another. There are countless fundraisers going on and of course, everyone wants you to buy from them but they don’t have the money to buy from you… Wait! Did you hear that? Ohhhh, just more money falling from my money tree out back. 🙂


Why are kids so messy?

Our lives may not be perfect, but our lives are definitely more than blessed…


As I come to the end of this blog, I look around at the basket of socks begging to join their long lost partners; I see the few dog toys laying around because our dog can not stand for them to be put away; I see the pile of clothes that I folded a bit ago that belong to my oldest daughter, who has yet to put them away; The couch pillows are in desperate need of fluffing: and that’s just the living room… Dare I make my way through the house? Pray people, PRAY! I’m going in…


No Orphans

GE DIGITAL CAMERARecently, I have noticed more people who are adopting. I am so glad about this. I know of couples who are not able to have children on their own, but have love and resources in abundance to care for a child and make them their own.

I know of other couples who have children already, but also have the love and resources to provide for other children in their home, therefore, they are adopting older children who need parents.

There are so many children, not only in other countries, but this one, who are looking for their “forever home” or their “forever family”. I am so thankful, that there are people out there who are willing and able to open up their homes and lives and welcome them in.

I know of mothers who have had their children taken away, but will not give up their rights to them for selfish reasons. Some of them get state money and spend it on themselves. They give out their EBT cards for cash, while someone else is taking care of their child AND providing for it or them. Poor children. I could not live with myself if I did not try my best to take care of the precious jewels that God has entrusted me with.

Thank God for those mothers who realize that they want a better life for their child than what they can provide. Those who make the gut-wrenching decision to provide a better way for their child. I can only imagine that it would be the hardest decision to ever be made. To trust someone else with your flesh and blood for the rest of their life. That is a sacrifice.

Children in foster care are in need of homes continuously. Some of them are harder to place. Most of the time, it’s due to behavior issues and their age. Foster children have a hard time trusting others and this slows down the bonding with the foster family. Other foster children do great with the family they are placed with.

I’ve wondered about how most of these children feel, having a heart for children, and I know that for some, depending on their age, it has to be hard. To not fully understand the “whys” and “hows” and wondering “how many more changes are going to come?” For the older ones who are waiting to be adopted out, my heart breaks, because the probability is very slim. Even with the younger ones, the legal issues alone are entirely too much for some people to handle. I do know that their is hope for these children. I just hope that they can get the Word to them, that Abba Father is always there for them. Always!

Romans 8:15 says,
“For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.”

Because we have God as our Father in Heaven, we are His by the Spirit if adoption, which means that there are NO ORPHANS of God. HE IS OUR FATHER. I am not bound by fear of bondage, fear of not belonging, fear of not being loved, fear of not being accepted, fear of not being taken care of because I can cry, “ABBA, Father!

God has each and every child in His hands. From the ones who haven’t been conceived yet, to the ones who have passed on. The ones in the Orphanages and the ones in the Foster Care System. He will take care of them.


Leading Up To An Eggcellent Easter, And A Blog Hop!


We’ve been busy in the Schott home preparing for Easter and doing some fun activities! This year our main focus has been on Holy Week and the spiritual reasons for the holiday. Sure, we’ve done some Springy things and there has been talk of dyeing eggs this weekend and the Easter Bunny possibly making an appearance and dropping off some Easter Baskets, but our main focus has been Jesus.

It’s not that we’re holier than thou or think it’s wrong for others to do differently. It’s just what we feel lead to make it clear to our children, specifically Tommy, that God sent his son Jesus to earth to die for our sins and rose again that we might enter Heaven with Him. Tommy just turned 5, and we feel it’s time that he learn to grasp this a bit more.

A little back story to lead up to where we are at this year. Last year I bought a set of Resurrection Eggs and a copy of Benjamin’s Box. I thought then that Tommy would be all over it. I had these visions of rays of light coming in through the shutters, the light bulb turning on in Tommy’s head, and him suddenly understanding the concept of everything involving the Crucifixion and Resurrection.


GE DIGITAL CAMERAI quickly gave up on it, put it away until this year, and pulled it all out a few days ago. NOW we’re getting somewhere…

Tommy has not only caught on to the story and what all Christ has done for us, but has actually showed such empathy that I did not expect. We’ve had to stop the telling of the story a few times so he could pull himself together and stop crying. Which made me cry. Which meant we sat there holding each other crying, praying, and having a “moment” that I will cherish forever. I can’t imagine how much it will affect him when he’s older and understands more as I kept it all very basic. Thankfully, we have gotten to the point in the eggs that now we will start focusing on the Resurrection more and more the next few days which will make him VERY happy.

As for Molly and Johnny Ben, well… They liked the eggs and listened along, but they had their own agenda. And that was okay…

Resurrection Eggs Collage

I’ve listed below some other activities we are doing this week. The printables are all ones we did last year. YAY for laminating! I’ve only had to print a few sheets this year as I saved everything in a file folder and ziploc bag. (Sometimes it pays to be a pack rat…)

Interested in the Ressurection Eggs, Benjamin’s Box book, and other items we’ve used? Below are links to the items we are using on Amazon.



What are you doing this week? Any crafts? Recipes? Stories you’d like to share? Link up anything that is family friendly and Easter related up in the Eggstra Special Easter Blog Hop below!

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Forced Friendships

As a person who only has a very small handful of close friendships, I feel as if I can write about this subject from an insiders view.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a hard time making friends with people. My lifestyle just doesn’t quit mesh well with others. Growing up, I never got the invites that everyone else did, because I held standards that others did not. Everyone knew that I wasn’t the one to go ahead and do what I wasn’t supposed to do.

1206728_21045799Now, I cringe as I see my children going through the same thing. We raise our children with Godly standards. They know that they can’t do as others do. (Doesn’t mean that they are perfect or won’t try to do wrong, and I know that not all other kids are bad or do wrong.) They don’t get the invites that everyone else does. They struggle with making friends.

Essie recently was invited to a sleepover and it was her first one that did not include family. I was apprehensive at first, because she doesn’t know how to “play” well with others, on a normal level. Because of her ADHD, she can be more selfish than other kids her age. That’s just the way her mind works. I picked her up the next day, asked her how everything went, and she had fun. Of course I asked if she played with any of her classmates from dance, and she said no. I was disheartened at first, then she said, “Momma, there was one girl that played with me a lot.” I asked her what her name was and she didn’t remember, but knew that she had a lot of freckles! I was just glad that she found a new friend out of several that were in attendance!

1159995_79733938It’s hard to make her understand that just because she “knows” several people, doesn’t mean that she will have friendships with all of them. Some people just mesh well with others and are great friends from the first moment they meet. I have to remind her that she MUST be as polite as possible to everyone, whether they treat her the same way or not. She has a hard time with this concept.

My oldest, Josie, has a few friends that are more acquaintances. She eats lunch with them at school and such. However, when it comes to a true friendship, I believe she has 2. Her birthday party was a disappointment. We do not listen to secular music and because we wouldn’t play the junk that is popular today, most of the ones who came left and went to another party where the parents are more lenient. It was a hard lesson for her to learn, but she learned a big one about priorities and who will use you for what reason.

1159993_12104124My boys are pretty much the same way. They don’t really have anyone to claim as friends. It’s heartbreaking to hear your 12 year old son say, “Why don’t I ever get invited anywhere?” He literally has no one. He also has ADHD and had trouble when he was younger developing a friendship. He is not in sports and is more drawn to anything music/instruments related.

The “REAL” world is cruel. People look out for themselves and what they can gain from any given situation, and their children have learned these ways. It makes me glad that my children have honored the values that we have instilled in them. I just wish other parents would teach their children that “social status” and “popularity” is not everything. It often leads to a road of brokenness because you can’t always “Keep up with the Jones'”. I’d rather my children have 1 or 2 close friendships that mean something, than lots of fake friendships that destroy, compete, and tear you down.

If you are a parent, ask yourself “What type of child am I raising? Have I taught them the golden rule of treating others as they would like to be treated?” Or do you teach them, “An Eye for an Eye?”, or to look down on others who are not like them or share your beliefs?


Radshack, Backyak, & Indigo?

Essie at her birthday party. No animals were sacrificed (or harmed in any other way) in the making of this photo! ;)

Essie at her birthday party. No animals were sacrificed (or harmed in any other way) in the making of this photo! 😉

I love to hear my children re-tell me the stories of the Bible that they have learned. Their take on lessons learned from Sunday School, Children’s Church, and home, can be somewhat hilarious.

Recently, Essence, my 7 year old, ask me why Jesus had to be crucified. I explained to her that He was the ultimate, sacrificial Lamb, to forgive us for everything that we’ve done wrong. Which lead to having to explain the animal sacrifices of the Old Testament.

I didn’t think anything more about it, until we were on our way to church this past Sunday. My husband and I over heard Essie talking in the backseat, “explaining” the “lesson” I had have given her, to our other children. It was all we could do to keep from “full, belly laughing”. She was telling them about having to cut open the animal, spreading blood on your face while praying for forgiveness… I have NO CLUE how she got to this conclusion! She was adding in the placing of blood on the door faces, which was ACTUALLY what the children of Israel had to do, when the death angel came, in the final plague for the Egyptians…

On a different car ride, Essie was telling us she had learned about Radshack, Backyak, and Indigo… (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego) I have heard these names slaughtered so many times, but never quite like this.

I love that my children enjoy hearing God’s Word. They ask many questions and the most random times. I can’t help but wonder, “what in the world is going on in their mind to come up with that question?” There are some times, that I have no clue how to answer what they ask. Prayers for wisdom are many!

I desire for them to hide God’s word in their hearts, so that they can draw from it in times of need.

What about you? Do you have any funny stories to share of how your children interpreted the Word of God?


Not My Child?

Oh. My. Gosh. I get so tired of parents being, or pretending to be, so naive about the lives that their child/pre-teen/teens, are living. The bottom line is, that these kids are SNEAKY and know exactly how to play the deception card.

As a substitute teacher in a public school system, I see and hear a lot of what is going on with these guys. I also have a 13 year old daughter who tells me almost everything.

I am not the kind of mother that pretends that my children are angels at all times. Especially when I am not with them. I know the “lying face” of each of my four children. I know the temptations that they face in this world. How other children get away with everything and make it look like there are no consequences to their bad behavior.

Kids today know more about sexual immorality than I knew when I got married. They have no shame. My daughter has classmates who are already “giving” themselves away, though they are in junior high. They strive for the attention that it brings.

The young ladies go to school with their eyes painted up so heavy that they look like aged women rather than beautiful, young girls. I have nothing against make up and hair color, I love them both myself, but when these girls look so un-natural, and hide their natural beauty, it’s just too much.

The boys are so perverted and vulgar, and they laugh it up with each other like it’s their normal, everyday life. The boys and girls, both, will lie right to your face and try to make you believe every word they are saying. I won’t even start on these parties that they are having and what they are doing at sleepovers. Shock and Awe People!

A sad thing about these children, is that they all “go” to church, but I don’t know what they are doing there. They have had to have been taught the difference between right and wrong, and what is acceptable, morally, through the eyes of God, during some time in their “walk”.

It literally breaks my heart to see the direction that their lives are taking. To be so blinded and deceived by the enemy, in believing that their lives are indispensable. There is no set age of accountability. They are living dangerously on the edge of eternity.

So, as a mother, I know what my children are capable of, and some of the things that they are tempted with. I make it my duty and my business to know where they are at ALL times, what they are doing, and who they are going to be with. I remind them, daily, that God has set a standard for them to uphold. That I can’t be with them at all times, therefore, they are responsible for their behavior.

Please parents, wake up and talk to your child about what is going on in their lives. Give them a chance to talk, but watch out for condemning them. That may shut down their freedom of communication to you. But I’ll forewarn you, you may be surprised what you find out.


Good Grief

“Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah….”   Do you ever feel like the adults on Charlie Brown when you are talking to someone?  Especially your spouse or your children?

It drives me batty when I am trying to talk to my children or give them chores etc., and I feel like they aren’t listening to a word I say.

Or I’ll tell them something over and over, and they turn to me and say, “Huh?”

I wonder if that is how God feels when He is trying to tell us something or trying to get us to do something?  

The Word says the He knows His sheep and His sheep know His voice.  Sometimes it’s hard to hear that still, small voice, when we have so much going on in and around our lives.  It seems as if God is inaudible or speaks another language entirely. 

His living words are in the Holy Bible.  He speaks thru His word, straight into our lives and hearts. Even when you can’t hear Him audibly, know that you can read His words of wisdom and guidance.

So the next time that you feel as if no one is “hearing” you, ask yourself if you are listening for the voice of Jesus.


Hiding Him In Little Hearts – Verse 9 – Proverbs 3:24

Proverbs 3:24

“When you lie down, you will not be afraid; Yes, you will lie down and your sleep will be sweet.”

My oldest daughter, Naomi, came into my room in the middle of the night about a month ago, and she was hysterical. “Mommy! I had a bad dream!” She was crying and terrified. My heart was breaking. I listened as she explained, “We were eating at a restaurant. You were holding a snake and you kept trying to put it on me!”

Now, I realize this may seem small and petty to some, but she is four years old. As soon as she told me what the bad dream was about, I became livid. At her? Of course not. I began to comfort her, telling her everything was okay and that she knows Mommy would never do that to her. However, I was furious with the devil. As she was calming down, I started rebuking the devil in the name of Jesus and demanding him to leave my child alone. I told him he had no right whatsoever to try and come against my children. Let me be honest here, this momma will not tolerate someone messing with her babies. Especially when that someone is nothing but an insignificant being with no power over the name of Jesus Christ, and especially when through the name of Jesus Christ, I have complete authority over that someone. You better believe I was using it!

I prayed with Naomi and immediately started working on our new verse. Now her and Adah both say it every night after bedtime prayers, but they make it personal. “When I lie down, I will not be afraid; Yes, I will lie down and MY sleep will be sweet.” Any time there seems to be the tiniest ounce of fear, we begin to quote and it helps so much. Besides, God did not give us the spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7), no matter how often the enemy tries to put it on us.

This verse has me thanking God even more for His blessed word that brings peace.


Back To School Week: You’ve Got A Friend In Me

The back-to-school season is exciting for some and scary for others. Some kids are “naturally” friendly when it comes to introducing themselves to others. For some kids, not so much. It can be overly mortifying for the ones whom are shy or so called backwards. If you have a child who tends to be outgoing, instill into them to be friendly to those who need their attention.

In today’s society, children can be mean. Bullying has become the norm in most schools. Especially if you don’t have the right clothes, the right last name, or play that certain sport.

One instance that sticks out in my mind, took place a few years ago, when my oldest daughter was in 3rd grade. I was subbing on this day and was having cafeteria duty at breakfast time. I watched as Josie and several of her classmates were sitting down, some talking and some eating. Another boy from their grade had just got his breakfast tray and sat down to join them. To my dismay, I watched in brokenness, as every child got up from that table and moved to another one because they didn’t want him to sit with them. All except my daughter, Josie. I watched in proud amazement as Josie got up with her tray and went to sit down right next to the boy. That was a moment I will never forget and was so glad that I had the opportunity to watch it from afar.

So as your child or children are preparing to go back to school, prepare them to show love and friendship to everyone that they come across. Not only the students but teachers and support staff as well. They may be the only way that some children get to see God and His ways.


Back To School Week: Praying Over The School Year

Regardless of if you homeschool or send your children to a brick and mortar school, there is one very important first step we all as parents need to do before anything else:


Prayer is the key to success in all areas in life. Child hood education is so crucial to prosperity in adult hood. Obviously, we as parents all pray for the little minds of our little ones (and bigger ones!) to be able to absorb, find patience, and not be stressed. That their grades be good and their studies come easily to them. But often, as the school year begins, we forget about so many other factors we should be praying for.

I’m guilty for this also…

I’ve begun to make a list of items to pray over my children (both homeschooled and public schooled) as they begin this next school year… and to go over again every morning.

  • Spiritual Well Being: It is my greatest wish that all of my children know Jesus as their personal Savior. While my oldest 2 have accepted Him into their hearts, I pray that they keep their promise to the Lord and are not tempted to fall away from Him due to peer pressure and distractions. For my younger children, I pray that as soon as they are old enough to grasp the understanding of salvation that they will also walk the narrow way and seek a relationship with God.
  • Safety (Emotional & Physical):Things happen. Untied shoe laces trip little feet. Bullies are mean. Bikes crash. I don’t need to go on. My prayer is that the Lord place a hedge around my “babies” and keep them safe. At home, at school, and everywhere else!
  • Teacher(s):As I both have children who homeschool and go to public school, I am praying for myself and those who educate my children outside of the home. Also, my homeschooled children sometimes take online classes from educators such as Founders Academy. Then the ones who give my children lessons in extra curricular activities. I pray that their teachers are given strength, wisdom, patience, and find blessing and favor in the Lord. That they know how appreciated they truly are. And of course, that they treat my children nicely! 😉 For myself? I pray that I am guided by the Holy Spirit to choose curriculum, set my lessons in place, and for a HUGE abundance of patience.
  • Friends:I pray that my children find healthy friendships, can be a blessing to other children they know, and are treated by others fairly. That their friends will love Jesus. That they will be kind to others, and no enemies are made.
  • Other Staff: So many times as a parent we tend to forget the others who have a part in our child’s day to day life. The bus driver, the cafeteria staff, the school office administration, occupational therapist, recess monitor… They all deserve my prayers too! They are a large part of my child’s day also and deserve to be blessed.
  • Health: Everyone knows that as the school year goes on, kids get sick. Especially if they are in a class room with other kids who just so happen to be ill. My prayer is that they are protected and their immune systems strong!

What about you? Do you have a “prayer list” for the year? Have something I should add to my list? Feel free to share!