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What Are They Cooking?

Dragon Fruit, Chopped

I love watching the Food Network! I love “Chopped” and the shows that are equivalent to that. But the thing that gets me is, I have NO CLUE what they are making, much less what the ingredients are that they use! The judges are a totally different story. I could NOT eat what is placed in front of me. I wonder if they do spit takes when the camera is not on them? Hmmmm….

I want my good ol’ fashioned, home-style, comfort food at any given moment. I love good ol’ southern cookin’.

Heck, most people like me can’t even pronounce half of the ingredients that the rest of the world is using. How in the world do they find out what is edible or not? Who was the first person to eat that one certain ingredient, to make sure that it was not poisonous?

Take dragon fruit for example. To me, it looks down right scary! How do you incorporate a food that has a bitter taste, into a dish that is savory? How do totally different types of food come together to make something brilliant?

I encourage you to watch your food closely. Choose your ingredients wisely. Go ahead and experiment with some of the weird, crazy, and edible foods out there.

(By the way, I’ll stick to my usual…) LOL

Happy Feasting!