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Cranberry Chicken

Last night my husband presented our family with a new dinner favorite: Cranberry Chicken.

Bobby has always been rather creative in the kitchen. Well, almost always. There was one time that we didn’t have the ingredients for Broccoli & Cheese Casserole, so he decided to make “Bob Casserole”. I remember there being some sort of lunch meat, a creamy soup, and rice involved. Our tiny apartment smelled terrible. Being that I was 5 months pregnant with Tommy when this happened, I did not find it so humorous that just the odor made me sick enough to have to sit by the sliding glass door with a fan in my face while he ran it down to the dumpster. (Now I laugh!) But that was the only time that something came out awful. I mean, his Corned Beef is so amazing that he is instantly forgiven for every memory of Bob Casserole with the first bite every time.

Anyways, back to what I was saying… Bobby is very talented in the kitchen. He can “throw together” a meal with what we have on hand and it come out spectacular. I am very blessed with him, since many times we are able to bypass eating out when I’m not feeling well.

This last week, I did not feel well. I am drained physically and emotionally. Taking some time to myself and spending time in the Word and prayer has worked wonders, but I think I’m still going to need a few more days of that. (Yay for having the ability to turn this laptop right back off after this post is finished! This was the first time I’ve turned it on since Tuesday!) One sweet thing that my dear husband did was take me along on a short 2 night business trip to try to help me unwind while my Mom watched the kids, but yet I was still on edge when we came home. Better, but still frayed.

Yesterday afternoon, Bobby came home from the grocery store saying he bought stuff to make Cranberry Chicken. While it was baking, it smelled amazing. Each bite was phenomenal. It wasn’t until a few minutes into the meal that I asked where he got the recipe, to which he replied, “I made it up!”

So I grabbed my cellphone and took a photo of my half eaten plate, because we had NO leftovers. Sorry. This is the best photo I’ve got. My half eaten food on a paper plate. But I was thinking of everyone else in the world by taking the photo so that I could share it and not keep this goody to myself. That’s at least a little honorable, right?

Cranberry Chicken - Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven

Bobby served our Cranberry Chicken with stuffing and green beans. I am curious about how it would pair with a citrus side dish, but will not complain if he disagrees…

Here’s the recipe below. Thank you for sharing, Honey!

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