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My First Dress…

So, I’ve lost my mind folks. I’ve decided to make my own dress for our housewarming/vow renewal this Summer.

I should mention I’ve never made a dress before and the event is less than 2 months away… I’m officially crazy, right?

The good news is, I was able to attain fabric and notions VERY CHEAP to make a “practice” dress. A loving person bought the fabric/notions for the “real” dress. The question is… will I be able to do it?

Of course I will!

Why do I always second guess myself when starting a new project. It always comes out fine the first run… and sometimes even better than fine! Okay, not every time. I did have a recent challenge with sewing that lasted awhile, but hey, it’s done and I know some things I am just not meant to make. 😉

Oh, also worth mentioning is that I’m having surgery in the next few weeks and due to being laid up for a few days I’ve taken up crochet. All while party planning, tending to the house/kids, and everything else that I do. Hey, at least homeschool is out for the Summer!

Yeah, I’m nutty… Please say a prayer for my mental health, would ya? Thanks. 🙂