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Lord, Shut My Mouth!

Dear God,
Please help me to think before I speak. For You know that I would never intentionally hurt anyone. Guide my actions to do only Your will. Guide my steps to only go as far as You will allow me. Guide my thoughts so that I do not think on things that are not of You. Guide my heart so that nothing can enter that is not pure and holy.
In Jesus Holy Name, Amen.

Women, more than men, have a hard time containing how we feel. We get bouts of diarrhea of the mouth. I for one, have had a time of speaking whatever I happen to be thinking. I’ll be thinking and before I know it, it comes out the mouth. I find myself using the old saying,

“God, direct me today by placing one hand around my shoulder and Your other around my mouth.”

I will always need God’s help. It’s not something that I can handle on my own. And believe me, He does a great job of keeping me quite. Now if I could only get my thoughts under subjection.