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That’s Me Without You

“I’d be packing my bags when I need to stay. I’d be chasing every breeze that blows my way.

I’d be building my kingdom just to watch it fade away, it’s true, that’s me without You.”

This is just a few of the lines from the new song by Toby Mac. The word are so powerful when you take the time to listen to the message in it. Without the direction and guidance of our Lord, Jesus Christ, we would be all over the place. Everything would be for naught.

It is so important to pray before you do anything in life. Especially when you are making a life changing decision for you or your family. Just one wrong move can start a domino effect of bad choices.

Being human, we tend to try and jump ahead of what God would have us to do in life. He is God all by Himself and doesn’t need our help. He wants to use us as tools for His Kingdom, but He is capable of doing the work Himself.

Don’t get caught in a trap of “jumping before the gun”, but pray without ceasing. God will never lead you down the wrong path. He will take each step with you and even carry you when you’re weary.


Oh Heart, Where Art Thou?

In life, we are faced with many decisions. Some are very hard. Others are simple.  In the time of the hard decisions, we usually find ourselves in turmoil. Restlessness, stress, confusion, and unsurity of yourself.

We are supposed to go to Christ in all things and not depend upon our own heart or mind; for our hearts can be desperately wicked. When you make the right decision with God, you feel total peace about it. When you have made the wrong decision, you feel the weight and the pressure from not following God’s divine leading.

So if you find yourself in the midst of life changing choices, let God take the lead and do not lean on the understanding of your own heart.  Things will go A LOT better.


Is That Your Final Answer?

Have you ever talked to the people on your television expecting it to reach their ears? Well, that’s sort of where I am right now. Sort of. My tv is not on, but this is how I feel….as though I’m sitting at home watching the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? show with Meredith Vieira. Let’s say the contestant’s name is George and he has already collected quite a bit in his bank. If he gets the next question wrong, he loses it all. Meredith asks him the question and he has no idea what the answer is. I, however, know the correct answer is B and I am 100% sure.

I keep telling George that the answer is B and that’s what he needs to pick, but of course he doesn’t hear me. He tells Meredith, “I really have no clue, but I think I’m gonna go ahead and go with A.” I start to freak out a little bit. I mean, I know that A is not the answer and if he locks it in as final, he’ll lose everything. It makes me not only talk to George, but yell at George.

“No, George!!! Don’t risk it! The answer is B!! B B B!!! It’s not A! You can’t do this. If you don’t know for sure then, please, please, please don’t choose A as your final answer! At least use a lifeline before you lock it in. Come on, George!”

I know for a fact that my yelling at him by yelling at the tv is not going to do any good at all and it is not going to change the outcome, but I continue to do it in hopes that somehow, someway, my brain reaches his brain and he realizes he’s about to make the wrong decision. I would love for George to just say, “B. Final Answer,” so that everything will be okay, but he doesn’t. He locks in the answer as A and loses everything.

I’m crushed. Since he didn’t know the answer, he could have just walked away happy with what he had already collected. Or he could’ve used a lifeline. Why didn’t he just use a lifeline?

This is how I seriously feel at this moment. We all have a lifeline in Jesus, and it is so easy to consult Him in all we do, yet most of us don’t do that. He wants to guide every choice we make, but many times we don’t allow Him to. I wonder how often Jesus is saying, “No, child, please don’t pick A. The answer is clearly B. If you would just come talk to me I could show this. Please. Please don’t do this without me.”

I hope to never disappoint my father by making the wrong choice because I didn’t use His guidance. Although, I am human and I make mistakes. Thankfully, He allows us to come to Him any time, no matter what. Let’s quit guessing, quit risking everything, and instead look to Him before we make our final answer. (Hey, I’m writing to myself here.)