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For My Boyfriend

Okay, so for real, Markus is my husband. However, not only do I love him, but I like him a whole, whole lot — which also makes him my boyfriend. 😉

 Ecc. 4 11 -3


Anyway, I know I’ve read this scripture before, but when I read it the other morning, it stuck out at me. It made me smile, because I always call Markus my heater. When it’s especially cold and it’s time to lay down, I say, “I hope you have your heater on.” When I read this scripture, I sent him a text with the scripture and the sarcastic comment, “Now repent for all of those times you made me move my feet!” He laughed. And that’s another reason why he’s my boyfriend.


Recently, he went on a duck hunting trip with his dad and brother. Because of that, I was without my heater for 3 nights in a row. I love him THAT much. And that’s just yet another reason why he’s my boyfriend.


I said all that to say that I’m super pumped that God loved ME enough to bless me with an awesome boyfriend/husband/heater. I’m also thankful that God loved me enough to make sure that I wasn’t alone, and I’ll always be warm.