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Join Us In Prayer! Women On The Warpath – Intercessory Prayer Facebook Group

Bear one another’s burdens…

Put on the whole armor of God and join together in prayer!

Women on the Warpath Intercessory Prayer Facebook Group

Last year in March, my Mom (Janice) felt to organize a day of prayer. She created a Facebook event and we invited some ladies we knew to join us. The day went well and we all agreed that we should do it again.

This last February, Emily posted a video on YouTube that she felt led by the Holy Spirit to discuss becoming a woman on the warpath.

March rolled around again, and my Mom said again that we needed another prayer day. When I went to create the Facebook event, I was surprised to find that we were almost exactly one year from when we had done the last one… So I kept the same date, thinking maybe we would have a yearly event.

The event grew fast with women coming together from all over the world, and we quickly decided to create a Facebook group. Given the word that was given to Emily the month before, I asked her if it would be okay to continue on with the same theme. On our first prayer day, we agreed that this should not be a yearly event, but once a month. God is definitely up to something here!

Back up to before we even reached the first day of prayer, we were hearing reports of prayer requests being answered! This had nothing to do with who organized it or who was praying… It was the number of ladies UNITED together and storming Heaven with prayers on each other’s behalf.

Since then, we have lost count with how many prayers have been answered in one way or another. Not every single request receives the miraculous outcome we hope for… but very many do! Homes restored, strongholds torn down, bodies healed, finances miraculously covered, favor where there was not much hope, and the list goes on and on…

Women On The Warpath

We are praying daily… but we would love for more to join us that are willing to pray for a move of God. Women who are determined, women who are weak and need others to stand in the gap, women who love God and know that Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday, and forever!

Think of it as a virtual 24 hour prayer room! No matter the day, the time, or the circumstance there is a place to find someone awake that is willing to kneel in prayer. No need is too great or small… it can even be unspoken! We will pray with you, for you, cry with you, rejoice with you… We are an army, we are sisters, and we don’t stop praying until there is an answer from God.

Will you join us? Click this link to  join our Facebook group!

Not interested in the Facebook group but would like to join us on the 15th every month?

Follow our Facebook page for event information!

We hope to “see” you soon! God bless!

Women on the Warpath - Intercessory Prayer Facebook Group


Let’s Chat! 2 NEW Facebook Groups From RSHTH

Over the last few years, I have joined more than a few Facebook groups.

I am in Facebook groups for homeschooling, sewing, chronic illness, alumni of schools I attended… the list goes on and on.


Come join us on Facebook!
All of these groups are great, but I have often thought that I wish there was a group for Christian women everywhere. Where we can lift each other up and chat. A place where someone could post a prayer request and know that those who saw the request would be reaching Heaven in prayer for them.

I also wanted another type of group. An online support group for non-custodial moms where we can talk about the challenges that only we know.

It was actually part of my original plan in establishing Raising Sticky Hands to Heaven to create a community, but for some odd reason I didn’t feel “good enough” to do this. I finally realized that I needed to just create the groups, and this week I did.

Would you like to join us?

CLICK HERE to join RSHTH Christian Women’s Facebook Community.

You can find our RSHTH Non-Custodial Moms group by CLICKING HERE.

Simply click “JOIN” and we will approve your request as soon as we are able.

Hope to fellowship online with you soon!


The Ten Commandments & Golden Rule of FaceBook

First of all, I want to state that I’m not trying to be preachy. We have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of Christ. I, myself, have been guilty many times of venting, arguing, and not watching my actions on social media, particularly FaceBook. That being said, I’ve also been hurt on social media. (Let’s face it, who hasn’t said something they shouldn’t have or been hurt at some point?) So please keep this in mind before you read any further, as the intent of Lona and I when we decided to bring forth this message was to help others and prevent heartaches, not to seem “holier than thou”. Thank you.

My dear friend Lona and I have been having some serious discussions about social media lately. We have both noticed that a lot of our friends and family have seemed to let their emotions get the better of them which leads them to post things on FaceBook that they shouldn’t. Some of those posts are hurtful or embarrassing, and are full of words they would never say if they were physically in front of the people they are broadcasting their drama to.

Lona has taken the time to create a list of FaceBook Ten Commandments, and has asked that I share them with you. I really like what she has to say here:




Even adults have become childlike with tantrums and digs at loved ones on social media. I’ll even raise my hand and admit that there have been times in the past that I have done this. Awhile back God convicted me of this, and since then I do my best (remember I am human) to try to not post anything that could be considered “Vaguebooking”. You know, where you post a vague status that no one is sure if you are talking about them or not. In other words, if a post is going to seem cryptic, causes confusion, or could be hurtful to someone, I just don’t post it. “If you can’t post anything nice, then just don’t post anything at all.” Makes sense, right? I would never want to make my friends, family, colleagues, or others that might be on my FaceBook friends list or my Twitter followers awkward or uncomfortable in person, so why would I want to do that online?


Golden Rule of FaceBook


Here is a scripture to really make you think about it all, I know it is one that has really helped me.

 1 Peter 1:15  NKJV – But as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct…

Notice how I highlighted all? That’s the part that got me. He didn’t say just be holy when you’re happy and standing in front of your friends and loved ones that you get along with perfectly. He said ALL your conduct. Meaning even when you’re angry, holding your phone, and feel like telling all of the mutual friends of you and the person you are in a conflict with exactly how you feel. It includes when your classmate from first grade posts a political status that you disagree with. ALL your conduct. Not just some.


1 Peter 1 15


Just remember, God knows everything that is going on everywhere, even on FaceBook:


Would Jesus Like This


Will you join us on the challenge? Will you do everything you can to keep your Timeline, Feed, and all posts peaceful?


A “Simple” Calling: The Social Networker

Just by being here reading this, you fit into this category. You are reading a blog, which is a form of social networking. Chances are you are on Facebook, Twitter, and other message boards or websites where you interact with others.

How exactly can one minister to others in this venue? The list is long and varied, but we’ll go over just a few… It’s rather similar to the “simple” calling of friendship, but slightly different.

  • When you see a friend or follower is having a bad day, let them know you’re praying for them… and then REALLY DO PRAY FOR THEM. Send them a message of encouragement! A couple days later, ask them how things are going.
  • Invite those in your area to your church. Post an invite on Saturday and ask that they message you for the address. See if they need a ride if you are capable.
  • Write a “note” about how God has blessed you and those you know lately.
  • Worship song stuck in your head? Post a link. If you’re enjoying it, chances are good someone else will also.
  • When a scripture is laid on your heart, post it. It may just be what someone else needs to read.
  • Post prayer requests for those who are in need of prayer. Get the word out that someone needs to touch God and needs a miracle. You can never have too many prayers.
  • Keep your statuses uplifting, encouraging, non-confrontational, and clear. If you feel the need to post about your bad day and are seeking support from friends from time to time, go ahead. But try to have more positive posts than negative ones. When you are angry at someone on your friends list or that is following you, try your hardest not to post a vague update that will only cause confusion. Keep confrontations private. As I said before, we may be the only Bible some people read. When you act out in anger in such a large arena you are only making yourself look silly. (I’m speaking from experience. We’ve all done it, right? Forgive me, Lord.)

It may feel as though you are not making a difference with this ministry, but I certainly guarantee that you are.

What are some other ways that you use Facebook, Twitter, or another social network as a ministry? I’d love to hear your answers!