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Tested And Tried

One of my favorite songs of late, is “Fling Wide” by Misty Edwards. On one hand, it’s an awesome song with lots of meaning. On the other hand, it’s a very dangerous song to sing.

Most people know of the book of Job and how he was tested and tried because satan wanted to prove that he didn’t really rely on God.  But God knew where the heart of His servant, Job, was held.  I wouldn’t wish his trials and tribulations on anyone.

In one part of the song, it says, “Take me thru the fire, take me thru the flame. Take me thru the testing, I’ll do anything. Test me. Try me. Prove me. Refine me like the gold.”

To sing the lyrics of this song, you have got to be totally sold out to Christ.  God will put you thru the test. Satan will come at you with a force beyond your belief.  As long as your heart is in Christ, you have dominion over him. God settled him long ago.  When you have Jesus, you have your lifeline.  God will not take His hand off of you unless you reject His protection and cause your own turmoil.  Even then, He will wait for you to run into His opened arms.