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Are You Hungry For Revival?

Whether said by ourselves or our mothers, at some point in our lives we have probably all heard the phrase, “If you’re being picky about what you want to eat then you probably aren’t that hungry.” (In my case, I’ve heard it a lot from my husband as we agonize to agree on a decision for dinner. 😉 )

Am I the only person that becomes pickier the more hungry I become? When I am REALLY hungry, I want something that is good and going to calm my appetite for more than a few hours. These are the times that I want to eat some of my favorite homemade from scratch meals, NOT McDonald’s.

The last few years, I have been spiritually hungry for revival. I am at the point that fun little sayings that make me feel good do not do it for me. I want the real presence of God, no matter the cost. If it steps on my toes, so be it. Fast food theology isn’t working here, I’m starving!

Are you hungry enough for your revival to eat the Bread of Life, or would you rather a quick greasy fix?

Bread of Life

As long as we are praying for a revival in this world we are going to have to realize that the “cheap imitation stuff” is not going to work here.

Our world is hurting. People are lost. Unbelievers have experienced enough counterfeits to know that some of what the church is putting out there for them is not going to satisfy their hunger. If they know that… then why don’t we know that as we fatten ourselves up with the junk that isn’t good for us?

Why are we not willing to get in the kitchen and turn up the heat?

We all know that a big delicious Thanksgiving meal takes work. Lots of work. But we all look forward to it and know that in the end it is going to be so worth it. We are craving that meal so badly that we spend days if not weeks planning it. That’s hunger!

We have to be so hungry for the Spirit of God that we are willing to work for it. No more fast food Christianity.

Prayer, fasting, time in the Word of God, witnessing to others… sacrifices!

Get out of the drive thru, unplug the microwave, and get to cooking and cleaning!

While “feel good” sermons and thoughts may help us momentarily, do they help us grow to trust God in the bad times? Do they challenge us to want to live more Christ like?

Fast food theology will leave you sick. Microwave doctrine will be cold in the center and too hot on the edges.

Picking and choosing which scripture to follow, sometimes out of context, while ignoring other important passages can be very dangerous. Beware of food poisoning!

Store bought religion is not healthy and quickly stales. We need the Bread of Life!

Because church fads come and go, but God’s Word lasts forever.

Bottled worship does not bring breakthroughs, leaving us thirsty. We need living water!

Just because something may be working for someone else, it does not mean it works for everyone. Follow your own convictions and have a personal worship experience.

When wanting comfort food, you can’t find it in a can of chili or envelope of gravy powder. You want it made from scratch!

While reading books by wonderful Christian authors can contribute to our revival, we cannot be comforted by them alone. We need to get on our knees, open up the Bible, and experience the comfort that only the Holy Spirit can bring.

With a Biblically sound approach, we are nourished! We are FILLED with the Spirit! The real deal, not the cheap heat lamp substitute, but the gourmet that was given specially to us by our wonderful Father!

How hungry are you for revival? Starving? It’s raining fire in the kitchen!!! Let’s get filled up!

And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst. – John 6:35 NKJV


Food For Thought

Randomly, I will get on a kick to where I will eat only certain foods for a period of time or only like to cook certain foods. I’ll quit some dishes for a while then re-visit some. I tend to get burnt out quickly. I have certain “quirks” to go along with whatever I’m eating. For instance, if I’m eating a turkey sandwich, I have to have either peanut M&M’s with it or Sour Cream and Onion potato chips. Have to.

My husband & I at Lambert's Cafe

My husband & I at Lambert’s Cafe

Lately, we have been re-visiting good ol’ fashioned spaghetti. I used to despise it and can only sum it up to over use in our early years of marriage. Hey, it was cheap, fast, and easy.

I have my moments for PB&J for lunch with a big ol’ glass of milk. It’s the kid in me I guess. It was another staple in our early marriage. David took it to work for lunch everyday for almost 3 months. He was so sick of peanut butter!

My son & his pizza

My son & his pizza

I’m a cereal person, but not for breakfast. I like to eat my cereal at night before I go to bed. I know I’m weird… lol The cereal I’m on now is Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch. I absolutely LOVE it. Apparently a lot of others do too, because they are always low on them at the store. I could eat it every day. Wait a minute… I do eat it every day!  For now… It will be something different in a few weeks. Before this one, it was Maple Brown Sugar Life. Everyday.

Being a creature of habit, I don’t try many new foods when we go to restaurants either. I usually order the same entree for each visit. At our local Mexican restaurant, I eat Grilled Chicken and Cheese with rice. When I go to O’Charley’s, I get the loaded potato soup and the club sandwich. Plain and simple. That’s just how I roll.

Dessert at Hard Rock Cafe. Mmm!

If you have any food fetishes, etc., that you would like to share with us, feel free to do so! We would absolutely love to hear from you! (Let me know I’m not alone! LOL)


What Are They Cooking?

Dragon Fruit, Chopped

I love watching the Food Network! I love “Chopped” and the shows that are equivalent to that. But the thing that gets me is, I have NO CLUE what they are making, much less what the ingredients are that they use! The judges are a totally different story. I could NOT eat what is placed in front of me. I wonder if they do spit takes when the camera is not on them? Hmmmm….

I want my good ol’ fashioned, home-style, comfort food at any given moment. I love good ol’ southern cookin’.

Heck, most people like me can’t even pronounce half of the ingredients that the rest of the world is using. How in the world do they find out what is edible or not? Who was the first person to eat that one certain ingredient, to make sure that it was not poisonous?

Take dragon fruit for example. To me, it looks down right scary! How do you incorporate a food that has a bitter taste, into a dish that is savory? How do totally different types of food come together to make something brilliant?

I encourage you to watch your food closely. Choose your ingredients wisely. Go ahead and experiment with some of the weird, crazy, and edible foods out there.

(By the way, I’ll stick to my usual…) LOL

Happy Feasting!


Sticky Hands: What Are Your Kids Eating?

Recently, I sat down with a group of 31 students, ages 14-17, to discuss their eating habits and their favorite foods. Needless to say, healthy food only made a peek into the list. Here are the favorite food results:

1st place – Tacos with 26% of the class
2nd place – Fried Chicken 23%
3rd place – Pasta and Cake tied for 9%
The others percentages were made up with fajitas, pizza, cheese fondue, crawfish, watermelon, ice cream, beef stroganoff, peanut butter and jelly, sub sandwich, and squid.

I know that I am addicted to carbs and starches. I love anything made of potatoes, bread, or pasta. (Hence being the head honcho for generation X-large! lol Though, I believe I’m part of generation X.) Parents of my generation and those upcoming generations, have made grave mistakes on what we put into the bodies of, not only ourselves, but the bodies of our children. Yes, it’s easier to run thru a McDonald’s drive thru or order pizza, but a lot of the time, our children and ourselves, are not getting the nutritional value that we need on a daily basis. I am more than guilty.

That is why this generation is being deemed, Generation Extra Large. I do not believe that a fifth grader should weigh over 300 lbs. Do you know what kind of emotional and physical turmoil that a child like this faces? I couldn’t imagine. I have seen 1st graders who weigh over 100 lbs! Unless there is a medical reason, this is unacceptable. I’ve learned on my own to be an emotional eater. I eat when I’m bored. I eat when I feel alone. I eat when I not hungry. But in this day, parents are teaching their children to be emotional eaters. If they start to cry, give them candy to shut them up. If they are bad, feed them, they MUST be hungry. If they are good, reward them with food. If they are sad, reward them with food. It’s a cycle that keeps going and going and our bodies aren’t made to handle all of the different additives.

Back in the day, our great-grandparents and such, lived on bacon, sausage, lard in everything, biscuits and gravy, and home grown vegetables and home milked cows. Everything was processed differently. It was fresh, home canned, or smoked or you didn’t eat it. The food then, did not have the additives that today’s food has. There was less sickness, cancers, and diseases.

So, not only am I going to challenge myself and my family to eat healthier foods, I’m gonna challenge all of you guys out there to do the same thing with your family. Face it, we all could use better health! Happy eating!


I Feel A RANT Coming On…

First off, let me start with saying that this is to NO Offense what so ever to smokers!!

So, here goes…. I absolutely can not stand it when someone will use the “last” of their money to go buy cigarettes or alcohol! Instead of buying a loaf of bread and a pack of bologna, or Ramen Noodles for their kids, or putting a little gas in the car to get them going at least a little further, they smoke up their money. I know people right now, that would buy lottery tickets, cigarettes, beer, or drugs before doing for their family. Instead, they ask everyone else to feed their kids so that they can go out and do whatever they want to or leave them with the grandparents to raise while they use the benefits for their selfish desires.

Also, government assistance, such as food stamps, is a privilege. Yet there are those who will sell off the food for cash so that they can have the money to support their habit. It really makes my blood boil! I’m all for government assistance, if you qualify, but don’t abuse it! It’s for those who really need it and not for the ones who just want to bum around thru life free of any responsibility.

So, now that I got that off my chest, can I get an Amen?