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Ouch! Who Put That There?!

A lot of women, have a severe case of “Rearranger-itis.” This is a disease that occurs in people who constantly feel the need to change things around. My sister, Karen, is one of those women. I’ve often heard of women accidentally causing pain to their husbands after rearranging their homes, especially their bedrooms. It may not be the woman herself inflicting the pain, but the objects she has decided to move around. When her husband wakes up, he runs into everything trying to get to the bathroom, stubbing his toe, banging his knee, etc.

I believe there are times in our lives that God gets “Rearranger-itis” and we become like the hurting husband. God will move things around in our lives to the way He wants them to be. He’ll bring about change and newness. Before we know it, we begin to stub our toe and cry, “Ouch!” Why? Because we have become accustomed to how things used to be or how we consider things are “supposed” to be. We continue to try to take the same old route to the bathroom, when in actuality, we have to make a change, as well.

We have to realize that when God rearranges our lives, He does it for a specific purpose, and it’s time for a new route. We can’t stay on that same old path. Maybe the old route led us astray. Maybe it took us to places or people that cause us pain or bring us down. Whatever it may have been, God changed it for a reason. If we don’t follow the route He has mapped out for us, we’ll just keeping walking into the same junk from before. He doesn’t want that for us. He knows exactly what’s best for us and He will always take care of us. We just need to trust Him.

Have you banged your elbow lately on a shelf that didn’t used to be there? Have you stubbed your toe on a recently moved dresser? What I really mean is, are you still trying to get through life walking on the same path you’ve always taken, even though God has moved things around for you? Let’s take a look at ourselves, our lives, our purpose….and if need be, let’s take a new route. Oh, and as long as we’re following His lead, we’ll never get lost.

“You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”- Psalm 16:11