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I’m There For Ya, Babe

Here lately, my girls have really been into Full House, which we are totally okay with. There’s a certain episode we’ve seen a few times called, “I’m There For Ya, Babe.”


I'm There For Ya, Babe... Emily shares how God showed her His presence through a sitcom from her childhood. Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven


In this episode, Uncle Jesse is needed by everyone at the same time. Danny needs help with his carburetor. Joey needs help with an advertising jingle. Becky needs a date to her cousin’s wedding. DJ has a soccer game for him to coach. Stephanie needs him to bake cookies and all the while, Michelle can’t get Jack to come out of his box! Whew!

Every time Jesse starts to conquer one issue, someone else comes up with another one. Problem after problem. Jesse, being pulled in every direction, has promised each one his help and longs to stay true to his word. He has let each person know, “I’m there for ya, Babe.”

Eventually, Jesse realizes, along with everyone else in the household, that he can’t do it all. He’s going to have to tell someone no.

Tonight I went up for prayer at our church service. I have just been feeling way overwhelmed….feeling like I’m on the verge of losing either my sanity or my salvation—-and nothing is taking my salvation—- so crazy I must become! That’s right, I’m a wife, mother and woman. I struggle, too. I needed prayer.

“He’s there for ya.” That’s the statement about God that the lady praying for me made. In my mind’s eye I immediately saw Uncle Jesse, and I heard God say to me, “I’m there for ya, babe.” What’s amazing is, He really is there for me. Unlike Uncle Jesse, He doesn’t have to pencil me in along with everyone else. I don’t have to wait in line for my turn, or take a number. And even more amazing, I don’t have to worry with a possible disappointment if a time comes where I find out He really can’t handle it. Why? Cause He can handle it. His word stands forever. His promises are sure and true. What God says, He means, and I’m thrilled to know that He’s there for me, Babe!

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”
-Psalm 46:1-