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Good, Good News – Song Of The Week

Have you ever just grown weary of all the negative media? Sally the Celebrity just split from Bob the Rapper. A plane just crashed in So-n-so area of the world. The economy is bottoms up. Everywhere is bad news.

The great thing is, if we have Jesus, not only do we have good news, but we have the greatest news!! And if we aren’t sharing that news, we are not doing our job. Now get out there and spread the wonderful gospel of Jesus. Put on your dancin’ shoes cause you’ve got good, good news!


Good, Good News
by Gaither Vocal Band

I woke up Monday morning and I walked out on the lawn
My eyes were barely open and my mouth begin to yawn
Picked up the daily paper, every single headline said
That this whole world is full of trouble and I wished I’d stayed in bed
Sometimes the bad that’s goin’ on’s enough to bring you down

Turned on my television and began to flip on through
All one hundred channels, hbo and pay-per-view
Not one message had a meaning that was good in any ways
Just before I wrote the whole world off, I heard the father say
“don’t forget what I have promised, you can overcome it all”

I’ll spread this talk all over town ’bout the peace and joy I found in you
(good news, good, good news)
This story is about to break and blessed are the feet that take the truth
(good news, good, good news)
I’m slippin’ on my dancin’ shoes ’cause I’ve got good, good news

Well my knees began to shakin’ and my heart began to beat
And a funny new sensation worked its way into my feet
The spirit of glad tidings came from somewhere deep inside
And holdin’ back the flood was just like holdin’ back the tide
I couldn’t help but circulate to ev’ry one I know