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Greater Works… FREE PRINTABLE!

Thank you so much to Emily for providing this to our readers:

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Psst… Guess What?!

Jesus healed a paralyzed servant. -Matthew 8:7
Jesus cast out demons. -Matthew 8:16

Jesus calmed a storm. -Matthew 8:26

Jesus healed a woman who had suffered an issue of blood for 12 years. -Matthew 9:22

Jesus healed two blind men. -Matthew 9:29

Jesus fed five thousand with five loaves and two fish. -Matthew 14:19-21

Jesus walked on the sea. -Matthew 14:25

Jesus healed a deaf-mute. -Mark 7:32-35
Jesus healed blind Bartimaeus. -Mark 10:51-52

Jesus healed a leper. -Luke 5:13

Jesus brought a widow’s son back to life. -Luke 7:11-15

Jesus brought Jairus’ daughter back to life. -Luke 8:54-55

Jesus healed a woman from a spirit of infirmity that she’d suffered with for 18 years. -Luke 13:12-13
Jesus turned water into wine. -John 2:7-10

Jesus healed a man from a thirty-eight year infirmity. -John 5:8-9

Jesus brought Lazarus back to life. -John 11:43-44

Jesus rose from the dead. -Luke 24:5-7


Jesus said if you believe in Him, you can do Greater WORKS. -John 14:12