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He Walked A Mile – Song Of The Week

This week’s song is just a reminder of the great love our Lord has for us. He took our sin and shame as His own and still loves us so. How amazing!





He Walked a Mile
By Clay Crosse

Before the threads of time began was pre-ordained a mighty plan
That I should walk with Him alone, The cords of trust unbroken
But fate foresaw my wandering eye that none could yet restrain
To violate the friendship I would cause Him so much pain

And every time I close my eyes
I see the nails, I hear the cries
He did not keep Himself away
He was no stranger to my pain
He walked a mile in my shoes
He walked a mile

Feet so dusty cracked with heat but carried on by love’s heartbeat
A man of sorrows filled with grief, Forgiveness was His anthem
No feeble blow from tongue or pen could ever sway my love for Him
Across the echoed hills He trod and reached into my world.