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Truly, There Is Hope For The Weary Mom (A Book Review)

On March 15th, 2001 I became a Mom. My heart was changed the second that little boy looked up at me, just delivered and on his way to my arms, and screamed as loud as he could. I brought him to my chest and instantly cried “Thank You, Jesus!” I thought it would all flow naturally from there. I imagined a life full of daily joys and never feeling down because of this new found love.

Boy, was I in for a shock!

I had dreamed of being a mother my entire life, and while I knew some mothers became stressed from time to time, I had NO idea that this wonderful calling of motherhood could become so draining at times. I believe it was only a few weeks later that I held my very unhappy gassy little guy who just couldn’t find relief from the knot in his stomach. My house was a disaster. (Or so I thought. I later found out that homes could become MUCH messier when a toddler (or 3) is afoot!) I hadn’t showered. I hadn’t eaten. And I could not help my little man to stop crying. I felt like a failure, and oh how very weary I was. If only this book was available then!

We’ve all been there as mothers, have we not? Weary? But yet, no one ever wants to talk about it. To admit our shortcomings and ability to be brought down to shambles is humiliating. We fear others will think less of us, and hold it inside. We become so tired and discouraged, that even while we are crying out to the Lord, we feel alone.

Brooke and Stacey do an incredible job addressing these issues in the new expanded edition of Hope for the Weary Mom. They share their struggles, confess that it is a daily battle, and offer scriptures of hope to remember during those oh so very weary moments. They help other moms to realize it is OKAY to admit that we aren’t at all perfect and have bad days. To be honest, I cried and laughed through the entire book. It’s just that good.

Encouragement is given! Humbling confessions are shared to show you are not alone! A promise of hope through the Bible and prayer! I truly believe this book was inspired to these women by God to minister to every mother that is willing to read it.


I could list more examples and quotes, but the bottom line here is that this book is EXACTLY what the title says. It is Hope for the Weary Mom.

Does this book seem like something that would bless you? It can be found on Amazon for both Kindle and as a paperback. Also, because I truly believe this book is worth sharing, there will be a giveaway of the PDF format version for one reader. Just leave a comment and you’ll be entered!

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