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Praise Him In The Hallway

If you have a Facebook or Instagram account, you are sure to have seen the meme/photo of a hallway that says: “Until God opens the door, praise Him in the hallway”. Overall, it’s a very good quote… But it got me thinking. My mind and my spirit started doing somersaults together.

Many times, we wait and wait for God to open closed doors. Have you ever stopped to think that you could be waiting or knocking on the wrong door? Most hallways have more than one door and if you have chosen the one that is not meant for you, you will be doing a lot of waiting. What if you chose to put away your will and wants and fully trust God to open the right doors at the right time?

There are some doors that God keeps closed for our good. He always knows what’s best and will never lead us in the wrong direction. So while you’re standing in the hallway, keep your options open, and get your praise on!


Treasures Of The Heart

Do you remember when you were a child and you had that one little thing that was only yours and you didn’t really like to share it? Or maybe a rabbit’s foot, a new shiny coin that you were reluctant to spend, or those special scented stickers or pencils that always seemed to disappear when you finally got one?

My little sister always cherished the little, tiny pebbles from the gravel driveway that were kind of marbled white, ivory, or very tannish peach in color. She would spend hours picking them out to collect them as her “treasure” because they were so pretty compared to the normal, every day, reds and browns of gravel color. And she really did treasure them. There were times when she and a cousin would fight over who would get to keep those treasured pieces of rock.

My family is a treasure to me. A treasure that I truly value. We are living in a day where many people have thrown family values out the window. They have taken the Cay Sera Sera mentality of “whatever will be, will be”. They don’t treasure others anymore and they sure don’t treasure that we have a loving God, who is ready and there for us to call upon at any given moment.

As much as it saddens me to see so many take this approach, we can not fathom the pain that it must cause our Heavenly Father. To see things gone amuck from the way it’s supposed to be. People simply do not care about other people, nor do they treasure the gift of life in general.

We are a treasure in God’s eyes. He sees each of us as unique individuals, created in His image. His word tells us that He is a jealous God. He doesn’t want to share you with the cares of this world or with the devil. He wants you to turn your eyes upon Him for every need, every care, every doubt, every praise, to love, to worship, to adore, to treasure!

Take a moment to search your heart. What do you treasure there? Is your heart set on things above or the things of this world?


LOVE is a Battlefield?

“We are young ~ Heartache to heartache we stand ~ No promises, no demands ~ Love is a battlefield…” ~ Pat Benatar ~ Love Is A Battlefield

Love is a Battlefield? - Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven


The old song has been used time and again. whether it’s a throw back movie, a commercial, a girl rock band, or karaoke.

We’ve all heard it.  It gets in your head.

My question, is WHY did the songwriter use LOVE? Out of everything that comes at you on a daily basis, why choose the word LOVE over the word LIFE? I believe there are people out there, as well as myself, that could better relate to a song that sung to the tune of, “Life is a battlefield…” better than the original . I mean, WHO doesn’t face battles in life, right?

This adventure that we call LIFE is so unpredictable, that we don’t know from one day to the next how to prepare. Do I go out today with an umbrella or a bullet proof vest? Should I put on my “bigger” girl panties or am I safe in just my “big” girl ones? When I am supposed to turn the “other cheek” which set should I offer? Talk about battlefield…

This battlefield of life is where the friends that you’ve had since forever become your enemy. Children are constantly bullied not only by other children but by adults.  Kids and Teens are taking their own lives at an unforeseen rate due to the rise in bullying and nothing can be done about what can not be seen… Talk about battlefield…

Drugs that older street drugs are reappearing under new names, with higher usage and addiction rates. New drugs, which are targeted to teens, and the college age, young adult crowd, are made to look more enticing and fun than they used to.  This is causing more overdoses and the ones that are becoming addicted to this stuff are your “normal, everyday” person.  Chances are, that someone you are close to has tried these drugs or are using now. Talk about battlefield…

More preteens and teens are facing depression now than every before. Body image is thrown in their face everyday.  It’s on TV, magazine, social media, catalogs, mannequins, videos, etc.  Young people are starving themselves, cutting themselves, etc., because they think they are fat when they look perfectly fine.  Some of the music that kids are listening to will increase these emotions.  Their image, in their minds, is equal to their self worth, their ability to be loved, their attractiveness to the opposite sex. This all leads to depressive states which could trigger other things. Talk about battlefield…

I believe that Pat Benatar had a point with her hit “Love is a Battlefield”, but I also believe that she had it wrong.  The battlefield of LIFE has definitely surpassed any type of battlefield that Love has.

LOVE  took care of every battle and the war was won on Mt. Calvary.

LOVE was Christ.

Come to Earth as flesh.



Soon coming King…


I Don’t Want To!

For the ninth time in 2 hours, I tell my oldest son to change the litter box.   For the 5th time in as long, I tell our oldest daughter to load the dishwasher. Lost count on how many times our youngest son has been told to take the dog out for a walk and for our youngest daughter to gather the dirty laundry.  The litter is PASSED time to be changed and I’m PASSED tired of looking at it, smelling it,  dishes are piled, over flowing the sink, the dog is cross eyed needing to go “out”, and the dirty clothes are mounting in every room.

I don't want to - Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven

I feel like I’m  wasting my breath telling them what to do.   Tired of hearing, “Wait a minute”, “I’m fixing too”,  “Why do I have to do it?”  It’s their chores and everyone has their own to do. If everyone doesn’t pull their weight and get their job done, the total picture doesn’t come together and leaves the door open for chaos and Momma feels LOTS of stress!!

As an adult, there are a lot of things that I don’t want to do.  I don’t WANT to put gas in my car when it 12 degrees outside with the windchill below 0, but if I don’t, I will not be able to drive it.  I don’t WANT to work six days a week morning until dark with NO pay, but I have to because we can’t afford to hire anyone. I don’t WANT my husband to have to work 3 jobs because I feel selfish and want to spend time with him for myself at times, but we have bills to pay and 4 children to feed and cloth.

I don’t WANT to stay up to almost midnight sometimes, folding laundry, but I have to, because that’s the only time I have to do it.

We make sacrifices in many areas of our lives that our children and other people will never see or never, ever know about.  The sacrifice of sleep to get things done, the sacrifice for personal time or things for yourself so that they can benefit from it. Sacrifices for your church family, outside/public organization, etc.  

The One that does see and knows every little detail, is God above and that’s all that matters.  My strength comes from Him and He will help me get through each day and every “I don’t want”.   It may even seem selfish or petty to others and there may be others out their who know exactly what I’m talking about. Therefore, until you’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, or spent time with them and watch ALL THAT THEY DO, please don’t judge their “I don’t want to”s, just be glad that they make the sacrifice and do it anyways, sometimes, it’s so that you don’t have to.


Lather, Rinse, and Repeat

Everyone does it. You go to the restroom and if by CHANCE you forget your phone or iPod, you grab something to read out of boredom or to make the time pass quicker. Chances are, that “something” could be a shampoo bottle. On the back side of that bottle, the directions will say, to wash, lather, rinse, and repeat if it’s needed. Many wonder why you would have to “repeat”. When you use a lot of products in your hair, it builds up a residue, a sometimes STICKY residue, that just washing ONE TIME will not get out, hence the repeat action.

Lather, Rinse, and Repeat - Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven

Now, let’s look at this in a Spiritual aspect. We are walking along on a Spiritual walk, hand in hand with God, and then #WHAM!, you slip and fall. You feel down about it and disappointed that you “failed”. You HAVE to get up, repent, let God wash you clean because He forgives a multitude of sin! Forgive yourself and continue your daily Spiritual walk with God. We are human. God knows that we are human and that we are going to fall at times, that’s why He will keep His hand extended to us when we fall, giving us the boost we need to get up, and washing us clean again when we ask! We can’t stay in the muck and the mire.

Sometimes, we HAVE to go through the LATHER, RINSE, AND REPEAT more than once because of our own stubbornness. Thank God that He gives second chances and repeats His forgiveness!


Everyday Stranger

I am the one who just walked by you
But you didn’t notice me.
Laughing and joking with your friends,
Pretending to be free.

I am the one who was behind you
At the local grocery store,
Buying things in abundance and greed,
Never thinking of the poor.

I am the one who was on the corner
Everyday Stranger - Raising Sticky Hands To HeavenHanding out the tracks.
You tossed yours in the waste basket
And never once looked back.

I am the one who found you
On the cold, hard bathroom floor.
After a mix of “who knows what”,
You’d fallen against the door.

I’m the one who made the call
For help to come immediately.
For you to have another chance for salvation,
To God I made my plea.

I am the one God placed in your life
And I’ve seen you at random times.
I’ve often wondered “why me, God?
Their life is different than mine.”

You see, I am the one that God has chosen,
Though I am mortal man,
To trust enough to pray for you,
Because SALVATION is HIS plan.


Thank You, Veterans!

To all veterans: Whether you served 1 year or 30, are family or a stranger, living or deceased, retired or currently serving… All military. Past, present, and future…


Thank you!


RSHTH Veterans 2014


If you are currently serving in a branch of the United States Military, please know that you are always in our prayers.



Where We’ve Been, What’s New, & What’s Coming

Angie (Me), Karen, Emily, & Judye

Angie (Me), Karen, Emily, & Judye

Where We’ve Been

Ever set out to do something, and know that you have set way too high expectations for yourself, but you try to do it anyway?

On July 31st, we left our home in Southern California for vacation. It was supposed to be a 2 week trip. We drove to visit family and friends in Kentucky and Tennessee first. That’s where I was reunited with Karen, Emily, and Judye for the first time in over 15 years along with everyone else that I love and miss dearly in my hometown. After 5 days there, we drove up to where our family will be moving in a few months, Pennsylvania. We were supposed to spend about a week there.

This is where I laugh. Because that was my plan, but not God’s plan.

We were in Pennsylvania for 4 weeks. When you add our week traveling before that, we were away from home for 5 weeks. Thank goodness I over packed! My husband’s employers took really good care of us and made it a very enjoyable time. I almost didn’t want to come home, except we kind of need to pack so we can move there permanently. I cannot wait to return.

During all of this, I did not have steady internet let alone time to tend to the blog. In the beginning I really tried. I thought I’d be able to keep up. After the 3rd week, I realized it just wasn’t going to happen and gave up.

I truly believe that God allowed for our trip to be so long and undistracted so that I would fall in love with the area we are moving to.

Isn’t it amazing how God does things? Circumstances happen, and we think they are too simple or mundane for God to have planned them, but really, He is in every little thing. Which causes me to wonder, why don’t we include Him in every little thing? I mean right down to trimming fingernails and pouring a cup of coffee. He’s protecting us from slipping and cutting our finger or burning ourselves, after all. Okay, now I’m rambling, and I’m sure you got the point…

One of many photos I took in Pennsylvania

One of many photos I took in Pennsylvania

What’s New

While on this trip, there were a lot of little discussions that led to one big decision.

For some time, we have attempted to monetize this blog. Keyword: Attempted. I’ve read books, gone to conferences, taken online classes, etc. on how to monetize a blog to the point that it was weird that Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven wasn’t making more than a couple of dollars every few months. Now, in my heart I knew it was because God never intended for there to be a profit, but we didn’t want a profit. We just wanted to cover the costs of the blog itself, so I thought what we were doing was okay.

Now, I am not saying that ministry blogs should not be monetizing. I am saying that for whatever reason, that was not what God wanted here.

One day God’s voice came across loud and clear that monetization would have to stop. It was only a few minutes after that a very kind and generous person unexpectedly committed themselves to covering our yearly blog costs. Thank you, Jesus and person who I shall keep anonymous! THANK YOU!

This means no more ads. No more affiliate links. No more of me stressing over if I sound like a late night infomercial pitchman because it does not come to me naturally. YAY for you, YAY for me!

We will still continue to have giveaways and such, but it will be like it always has been: Either donated by the company or compiled by myself and/or other contributors of Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven. Which brings us to…

We took a day trip to New Jersey for a few short hours one day, where I was able to snap this zoomed in shot of the Freedom Tower. No photograph or video I have seen does it justice.

We took a day trip to New Jersey for a few short hours one day, where I was able to snap this zoomed in shot of the Freedom Tower in New York City. No photograph or video I have ever seen does it justice.

What’s Coming

We have so much going on behind the scenes at the moment that I feel like my head is spinning just trying to think of a way to tell you all without giving too much away.

We definitely intend to continue the pregnancy series that we started at the beginning of the summer. Next week we will be participating in the #IAmYourVoice campaign, a way to bring awareness and help refugees in Iraq and Syria, where Christians are being persecuted. This week brings the day of encouragement, and you know Emily always has something fun for that. Since we missed our Blogiversary in August, we will soon be giving away a certain movie about Christian Moms that is rather popular… 😉 I will be posting every Friday as a co-host of A Look At The Book‘s “A Group Look”  linky. (I was supposed to begin a month ago, but the sweet ladies that also host/co-host there have been so understanding of our trip continually being extended.) The list goes on and on…

So be sure to follow us in one way or another so that you don’t miss out on anything. Email, RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc etc etc… And remember, we are always available to pray with/for you, so never hesitate to ask.

God bless!


Should We Be Surprised?

As we turn on the news, it seems that all we see is fighting, conflict, turmoil, and mass chaos. It has become a part of everyday life for some, mostly in other countries. The weather is disastrous and you never know what is going to happen in what part of the nation. It’s all unusual. We’ve had a record setting winter in our neck of the woods. We haven’t had this much ice in and below freezing temperatures in over 30 years. Totally NOT normal for our area. Should we be surprised to see and hear all of this is going on?


Should we be surprised with our unusual weather, the state of our world, and more? - Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven - RaisingStickyHands.com


In Matthew 24, Christ’s’ disciples ask Him, “what shall be the signs of Thy coming and the end of the world?” To which He answered, “take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in My name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all of these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in divers places. These are the beginning of sorrows.” -( Jesus goes on in much more detail, so it is worth reading for yourself. There is no better way, than to get in God’s Word on your own.)

I want to draw in on what Christ has prepared us for. Again, I ask the question, should we be surprised to see and hear what has been going on in the world? No. Jesus gave us warning that these things were going to take place as we see the last days approaching. He said, “take heed that NO man deceive you.” Our nation has turned into one gigantic mess pile of deception. Jesus is, and will always be, the ONLY way of salvation. There are NO OTHER gods before Him. No other being, person, etc. can equal to Him. His blood was shed so that we can have life more abundantly. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. He loved me enough, you enough, to die on that rugged cross over 2000 years ago and to rise again! To go prepare a place for us! Wow! Let NO ONE deceive you into thinking that there is another way to heaven.


Take heed that NO man deceive you! Matthew 24 - Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven - RaisingStickyHands.com


He also said that we would hear of wars and rumors of wars, but to see that we not be troubled. Jesus said that these things would have to take place, nation would rise against nation. There has been so much turmoil between different countries. It doesn’t involve one or 2 countries, but several get drawn in and then the US gets involved. Famine, pestilence, and earthquakes in divers places. Food prices are going through the roof due to droughts in parts of the nation, flooding in other parts, etc. “These are the beginning of sorrows.” For those who are un-believers or who are not prepared, times are going to get a lot worse. Believers know where their hope is! I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken, nor His seed begging bread! (Psalms 37:25)

It’s not going to be long before Christ returns to take His bride home. Prepare ye the way of the Lord.


Are you ready?


Where Are Your Eyes?

Chaos is all around. It is something that is hard to escape on a daily basis. Everyone knows at least one person or more, who is fighting a battle that is unimaginable. The kind that they never thought that they would be part of.

As things go wrong with one thing or another in our life, that is when we tend to take our focus off of the things that are of God and try to take care of things ourselves. We take things into our own hands instead of laying everything down at the feet of Jesus. We become frazzled, disoriented, and before we know it, we have lost all sense of direction.


Where Are Your Eyes <a href=1 Corinthians 13:12" src="http://raisingstickyhands.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Where-Are-Your-Eyes-1-Corinthians-13-12.jpg" width="750" height="750" srcset="https://raisingstickyhands.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Where-Are-Your-Eyes-1-Corinthians-13-12.jpg 750w, https://raisingstickyhands.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Where-Are-Your-Eyes-1-Corinthians-13-12-150x150.jpg 150w, https://raisingstickyhands.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Where-Are-Your-Eyes-1-Corinthians-13-12-300x300.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 750px) 100vw, 750px" />


The words of the old chorus, “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”, are those that can bring remembrance to your soul, that we are not in it alone. That things are not as bad as they seem, because we look at things with our natural eyes.

1 Corinthians 13:12 says, “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.”

It’s talking about perspective and not really understanding what is going on, because you’re not seeing the “whole” picture, but one day, you will fully understand. Just go on living a life of trust in God, faith in God, and loving God and letting your faith grow! He will never leave you, nor forsake you, but will go with you to the very end.

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face.
And the things of Earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.”

Written by Helen H. Lemmel in 1922