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As most of us know, something very special is happening this year. Something that only happens every 4 years. We have leap year. Leap year brings us a gift and will be bring that gift soon. “What gift?” you ask. My answer-

An extra day! Yes, that’s right, an extra 24 hours that we only have every 4 years. Or you could look at it as an extra 1,440 minutes. Perspective, huh? How about this– 86,400 seconds!

What I want to know is this…..what do you have planned to do with your extra time? This opportunity of extra time is coming upon us fast and we need to make sure we spend it wisely. For some of us, using it wisely may mean doing something productive. For others it may mean family time. It may possibly even mean doing nothing but relaxing. There are many I know who work hard and deserve to spend a day in relaxation.

The thing is, we have been given this gift and most of the time we take it lightly, for granted. We usually don’t even acknowledge it. It becomes just another day. This year, let’s observe this day as the gift that it is, time. Extra time that will run out quickly. Take this day and celebrate as your life allows. Cause for goodness sakes you won’t get another chance until 4 years from now!