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Back To School Week: Hygiene

As the mother of 4 children and spending time substitute teaching during the school year, one things kids do need to be prepared for, without embarrassment, is good hygiene.

Most parents teach their children about brushing their teeth, taking a bath, (whether it be the night before or morning of), brushing their hair, etc…   I have found that a child has a better day if they feel good about themselves.  If your child is old enough for deodorant, please make sure that they have one for themselves. They are only a $1 at the dollar store.  It’s very embarrassing to a child to know that they have body odor, especially if they know that not only themselves can smell it, but everyone around them.

I know that most children do not like to have their hair fixed much. Just a simple “combing” for a boy or a plain ponytail or headband for a girl is sufficient enough.  If a child has an “un-kept” appearance, they are prone to have low self-confidence.  You can afford for your child to appear to be well kept.  It improves their over all appearance.

Remind your child to keep their combs, hair barrettes, etc. away from other children.  The beginning of the school year is one of the times that lice happens to spread.  Ponytails or buns are best for little girls, also spraying hairspray in your child’s hair. (Lice do not like dirty hair.)

No sharing lipsticks, chap sticks, or make up in general.  They carry germs on them and if your warn your child not to share these things, there will be less of a chance to get sick.

Our middle school students have gym class everyday, to promote good health and physical activity.  I have a son who is almost 12 and just happens to be going to middle school this year. He will have to take gym clothes every day to change into. I have prepared his gym bag with:

  1. Baby wipes/bath wipes.  (To wash up with after class. They are not permitted to take showers due to lack of time. I have told him that he needs to wash every nook and cranny, crevice, etc., to get the sweat off as much as possible.)
  2. Deodorant.  (Though he will apply before school, it will need to be re-applied after being washed up.)
  3. A comb.   (I don’t want him to be nappy looking… lol)
  4. Body spray. (At his request.  He wants to have a little touch of “smell good” on.  Though he has been thoroughly warned not to use it as a “cover up”.)

Most middle school girls may have started their period by now.  If so, there is no worse feeling, (in middle school years), as having your period while in school.  For a little self-assurance, have your daughter take a purse size pack of wipes, so that she can “clean up” during her bathroom breaks. If her flow is heavy, she can discreetly carry a plastic bag with an extra pair of panties in them, placed inside another bag, such as one for make up, in her purse, if a change is necessary. That way, she won’t be embarrassed and only she will know about it.

Hopefully, you can get some use out of these tips and get your child’s school year off to a great start!