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Let’s Talk Modesty…

“Oh my gosh! Look how short her dress is!”
“Can you believe they wore shorts to church?”
“You know she doesn’t even have a bra on under that top!?”

Being raised in church all of my life, there are some “trainings” that we take for granted. Just because I was taught modesty, doesn’t mean that everyone else has been given this lesson. I have been trying to instill into my children, that if someone visits our church dressed “differently” than we would dress, that they may not know better, not to judge them, and if they commit themselves to God, He will show them the proper way to dress in public areas.


Let's Talk Modesty - Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven


When you dress modestly, you are not show-y as in “look at me! Aren’t I cute?” You have all of your “parts” covered. Some girls don’t leave anything to the imagination. Dressing nicely and “looking all good” isn’t thrown out the window. Confidence is a good thing, just don’t let it turn to vanity.

Some Christians have “made it their place” to tell others what they do and how they dress is wrong. That’s not what we were called to do. God has to do the convicting.

When this type of person comes into your church or home, etc., just love them. Our duty is to show Christ’s love to others.

Modesty =
the quality of being modest; freedom from vanity, boastfulness, etc.
regard for decency of behavior, speech, dress, etc., simplicity; moderation.

  1. the quality or condition of being modest

  2. ( modifier ) designed to prevent inadvertent exposure of part of the body: a modesty flap

I’ve heard it said, “Ladies, dress how you would want other women to dress in front of your husband or sons.”

This is a great rule of thumb as you get dressed for the day. Unless you’re just going to lay around or stay at home for the day. Then, order calls for a Muumuu! Comfort by all means!