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Reflections On Orphan Sunday and The Month of Thanksgiving – A Link-Up

As some of you may know, this last Sunday was “Orphan Sunday”. To a lot of people this may not mean anything. Today in America we have renamed most of our “orphans” as “foster children” and feel that all of these kids are perfectly happy and well cared for so we shouldn’t be too concerned.

That’s where all of us are wrong.


Reflections On Orphan Sunday and The Month of Thanksgiving - A Link-Up


There are children all over this world that need a home. A family. Someone to love them, to listen, and give them a life they wouldn’t have otherwise.  Not only are there many in need in the United States, but there are children all over the world.

Last year I visited a children’s home out-of-state and it changed me from the inside out. I had always felt compassion for these children, but now I feel empathy as well.  (For those that are new to Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven, you can see my posts Sharing Christ At Christmas and A Grateful Heart where I share about my visit by clicking on the titles.) I looked right into the eyes of a little girl who just wanted her Grandma for Christmas, no toys, and felt my heart-break. Who doesn’t remember wanting their Grandma/Mom/Dad/Loved one when they were little and crying for them until they were able to have them? I was always my Grandpa’s girl growing up. I thought back to when he passed away when I was 11 and then realized that her pain was even greater, as she lost other family members as well. I can’t say that I’ve ever felt a loss so great, but I can imagine that it is torturous.

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Our hearts should not just be with the children that are without parents on Orphan Sunday. Sure, Orphan Sunday is a great day to raise awareness, but let’s not stop there. Let’s do something more than just thinking of them. Let’s pray, give, help, and raise awareness if we are unable to adopt ourselves EVERY day of the year.

Soon I’ll be sharing an opportunity for us all to help…

Are you part of an adoption family? Have you done any mission trips to orphanages in other countries? Were you once a child in need?