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Oh Yeah, I Forgot…

Last night I proclaimed, “Tomorrow I will sew if it is the last thing I do that day!”

Well, um, it’s 8:20 pm. Good thing I’m a night owl, eh?

There is something therapeutic about sitting in front of a sewing machine and creating an item from just a few scraps of fabric and thread. Nothing compares.

I often do some of my best thinking in two places. The shower, and my sewing chair. Wait, make that three. Driving in the car.

I also use this time to pray. First thing, of course, I pray that God guide my hands and help me to not create something disastrous. 😉

So, tonight, I am for certain going to sew. Even if I don’t finish what I start. It’s been weeks and I certainly need something soothing to my soul right now. I plan to at least sit in there for a few minutes, if nothing else.

Off I go! What hobby do you have that is an outlet for you?

*Yes, I took a break while posting this to go clean 2 toilets. I often do that out of no where. I’m random, remember?