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A Promise Is A Promise

Remember the story of Noah in the Bible? God flooded the entire earth for 40 days and nights, but He found Noah to be a righteous man and allowed him to prepare for him and his family to be saved. When it was all said and done, God sent a glorious sign— a beautiful rainbow to represent His promise to never flood the entire earth again. I know that in today’s culture, the rainbow can represent many ungodly things, but first and foremost to me, the rainbow will always be a representation of God’s promise.

Yesterday, my story was a little backwards from Noah’s. It was early morning and I was driving my girls to school. It was bright and sunny and there was an absolutely gorgeous rainbow in the sky. I love rainbows, but for some reason, this one really struck me. I felt like God placed it there just for me! It was there in the sky just screaming to me, “He will always fulfill His promises! He is a faithful and just God!” It put a smile on my face and although I was in a decent mood, my countenance became even brighter.

In Noah’s story, the sign of God’s promise came at the end. However, I’ve noticed a lot in my life that the sign of God’s promise comes before the promise is fulfilled. I know what the promise is, I just have to wait for it sometimes. That’s how it was yesterday. We’ve had very, very little rain this year. The slightest few raindrops have become a precious commodity around here. Yesterday afternoon, God blessed us with a rainstorm. The sound of the thunder and the sound of the rain pouring down was almost as sweet to me as the sound of my children laughing. I’ve never noticed until this particular rainstorm how exciting and stunning a rainstorm could actually be. It was beautiful!

As I contemplated how unnatural the rain seemed to be, and began to thank God for His outpouring, I heard Him say, “I sent you a sign this morning didn’t I? My promises are real.” So if you’re anywhere close to giving up on your promises, hang in there!! Sometimes the sign comes at the beginning, not the end. And sometimes the fulfillment is closer than you realize!