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Quotes To Make You Think

~ Those who do only their best work are usually mediocre. Most of us, however, are comfortable knowing that we can always do better. ~
There are areas in life that I definitely know that I can do better in. Sometimes it’s because I’m not sure how to do something. Sometimes, it’s because I don’t have the finances to do something. And sometimes, it’s just because I don’t want to do it.

~ Principles should never be sacrificed for temporary comforts. ~
We all know that if you sacrifice a principle that you have set in your life, you are going to feel great regret soon after. Why cause yourself this mental and spiritual harm? Just go on in life and do whats right.

~ It takes your consent for anyone to be able to make you feel inferior. ~
You are who you are. When someone makes you feel inferior, they usually are bent on making you think they are better than you. Not so… It’s all in the mind and in the heart. God has made you who you are. There is always room for improvement. Keep your heart and life pure. Don’t allow anyone to look down on you.

~ Comfort is 90% mental. ~
I for one, get very uncomfortable around others. I feel like everyone is looking at me or talking about me. (And sometimes they are) It is really hard for me to relax and enjoy time with others. But life is not meant to be lonely, though it is easier to stay isolated at times. So, go ahead and let your hair down, take your shoes off, and stay awile. Get comfy.