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Top 10 Reasons I Am A Terrible Blogger (And Why I Keep Blogging…)

The last blog post that was published on this website before last Tuesday was on September 8th. That was over 2 months ago! 2 months!

I wish I could say that this is the first time that there has been a gap in content on our little alley of the web, but it is not. Far from it, actually. I’ve lost count of how many times life has gotten in the way of cleaning out that file cabinet in my brain that holds all my creative ideas for writing, crafting, sewing, and other things. I mean, how long has it taken me to finish the pregnancy series? YEARS! Having given birth 5 times, I should be able to write that in my sleep.

This time? It wasn’t really health issues, as much. I have had a few things slowing me down, but that didn’t keep me from blogging. It has actually been 3 things that have kept me from being able to just sit and sort out those brain files. 1: I’ve been busy relearning how to serve my family best after a few chaotic years. 2: I’ve been in a season of stretching and growth. It has been painful, y’all. For real. But I am thankful for what the outcome will be. 3: I went on a trip. Alone. Without my kids or husband. For TEN DAYS! I had never done that before! Leading up to my departure, I made myself a bunch of clothes since I have now lost over 90 lbs since April 2014. I was busy!

So now, I am easing back in to “normal”. I sit down to my laptop and remember all the rules of blogging and laugh. There is no way I have the ability or time for it. Not at all. Why? Well, since you asked…


Top 10 Reasons I Am A Terrible Blogger - Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven



  1. I procrastinate.

    I even procrastinate procrastinating. Well, that is what my husband tells me, but I will admit he is probably correct there. When I was younger I only procrastinated things that I was not interested in. These days, nothing is exempt. I worry about being too tired to get something just right. Though when the time comes, I’m not much of a perfectionist. I have no reason or rhyme for why I do this, I guess. I am trying REALLY hard to overcome it though! If you have any tips, please share!

  2. I am bad with grammar and punctuation.

    I used to be a lot better in this area, but something happened as I got older. I’m not really sure when I lost all those rules I memorized. I was never great at putting commas and colons where they belonged, but now I just stare at a sentence and then finally say, “I really don’t care.” Awful, I know. When my son begins learning about these things it will probably come back to me and you will likely see a difference in how I put things. Until then, I deeply apologize. (I’m sorry, Emily, Tasha, and other grammar lovers. I’m sure you cringe when you read my posts!)

  3. I don’t have time to keep up with algorithms, SEO, and all the other rules.

    There was a time that I had BIG dreams for blogging. BIG. If I was going to do this, I was going to do everything just so and I was going to keep up with everything there was to know as it changed repeatedly… Then I hit a burn out. I was tired. With all of my reading and listening, I wasn’t really getting anywhere. What did I have to show for it? Days wasted that could have been spent with my family. Now, don’t get me wrong, I did learn a lot of things that actually did help! However, when I let go, asked God to have His way with this little ministry, and just went with the flow it was then that our blog seemed to begin thriving again. I should have known better. Sorry, Lord!

  4. I can’t keep deadlines.

    The same goes for schedules and being consistent… This used to be doable. Currently? No. Just no. Not just because I procrastinate, but because my life changes rapidly and constantly. I realized one day that with my family and the health issues I have, there is no way that I can guarantee anyone anything that I can not do right then at that moment. It was so hard to learn how to say no, but making that rule for myself has caused me to not feel overwhelmed. Now if I could just stop giving myself unnecessary deadlines and then beating myself up emotionally over not keeping it. (Okay, I may have actually punched myself a few times… I’m kidding… or am I?) If my husband doesn’t care that I didn’t cross off something on my to do list for the day, then why am I distraught? Silly, I know. I’m working on it.

  5. Monetization, Schmonetization

    If you read back through some of my older posts that have affiliate links, you will see I tried. I really tried. We had banner ads, links, affiliate discount codes, the works. But it just didn’t seem natural for me. I prayed about it, because along with the blogging rules, it was causing part of my burnout. Lo and behold, God put it in someone’s heart to cover our hosting costs for Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven every year. The pressure was gone! Thank you, Jesus! Now, don’t get me wrong… When I buy something online, I try to remember to use a blogger’s affiliate link. I enjoy seeing deals in my Facebook feed from other bloggers. I love to see what someone’s favorite cleaning products, books, fabric stores, sewing notions, and homeschool curricula are. I have nothing against anyone who monetizes! I don’t even have a problem with those who blog for ministry that are monetized. In fact, I believe God has blessed those families in allowing that to work out for them! As for me and my blog, it did not please the Lord. Maybe someday I will have a switch in my brain that flips and then I will be able to naturally fit in affiliate links, banners, and all that stuff and it work. Never if it isn’t more than 14-78 cents a month though… if that… (Really, that is about what I averaged. Ugh.) and never on Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven. God spoke loud and clear to me on this one. Not gonna do it!

  6. It takes me way too long to write out one.single.blog.post.

    I have friends that can type out several posts an hour. Obviously, these friends don’t have ADHD and anxiety. I will be typing right along and WHOOP! there was a flash of color on the other side of the room and an hour later I will remember that I was writing a blog post. Really. Sometimes I will over proofread what I have written to the point that it makes little sense because I worry that I will be taken the wrong way or that I put a comma where there should be a colon. (Which is why I now just don’t care… Too much time wasted! This occurred to me when I noticed the wrong punctuation on another blog and thought, “Hey! I know where her heart was in writing this. This silly mark on the screen made no difference in what I took from this!” And freedom was born…) Add in there that I usually have at least 1 child awake while I am, and if all children are asleep then I actually have a chance to sit in silence with my husband if he is not traveling for work… Yeah, my kids seem to have something wrong with me keeping my thought process on track. I’m sure your kids never interrupt you. HA! Just kidding. 😉

  7. I can’t bring myself to spend money on something other than hosting.

    This kind of has to do with the above mentioned lack of monetization. You’re probably like me and don’t have an abundance of money floating around. Since this blog does not bring in an income, I cannot justify spending much money on it. Everything on this blog is done by someone who contributes to it. We don’t spend money on graphics or stock photos. We don’t spend money on design (and it shows! 😉 ) or schedulers. Sometimes I wish we could, because many of those things would make it all easier and prettier… But I just can’t.

  8. I am random.

    This shocks you, right? Not. I can’t stick to one topic. Sure, this is a Christian Mommy blog, for the most part. But we talk about everything on here. In fact, I would say it leans more towards “Christian Mommies that write a lot about Christian Womanhood.” I would probably like to write more often about sewing, crafting, cooking, baking, etc. as well. Hmm, maybe I will… You know, someday. Not now. I’m not setting a deadline either. Should that period of have been a comma? Oh well…

  9. My family needs me more.

    Now, not everyone who has a blog is sacrificing their family to keep up their post count. That is obviously not true! However, our family has more than a few unique situations that cause me to have to come and go from the blogging world. This used to really stress me out. I used to feel like a loser if I didn’t publish a post on schedule… you know, the schedule that I developed myself. Isn’t that silly? But then, I FINALLY handed it all over to God and my priorities became clear. My first ministry is my family. If I can do more outside of that and God is willing to allow it, that is wonderful! However, during this season of my life, my focus is at home. Everything else is icing. Not long after the Holy Spirit helped me realize that my guilt was a lie put in my mind by the enemy to make me feel as though I was letting God and everyone else down by not getting a post up (I know, that had to be ridiculous to read… It was humiliating and painful to type!) I was checking my email one night and read this post from Preschoolers and Peace. I remember I sent it to Emily as her and I had been having a similar discussion. She sent a nice reply saying she liked it and agreed, but she probably wanted to say, “Duh, Angie. Duh.” Being Emily is very Southern though, she’d be more likely to just say, “Bless your heart.” Anyways, with that, the guilt was gone. I still have times where I miss writing all.the.time. But years from now, I would rather the memories of my family than the memories of my laptop screen and blogging binder… Which brings us to…

  10. I abandoned my blogging binder.

    I have a HUGE blogging binder. It is gorgeous from an organization perspective. You would not believe how detailed it is! Why so detailed? I don’t know! But I remember that I had a reason for every bit of it in there at the time. It is about 5 inches thick and includes every type of blogging related document that I would ever need… Except I have a hard time remembering to use it. As of this moment it has been inside a cubby of my coffee table for… um, not sure, but a long time… and really needs to be moved to a better place if not re-purposed. Now, when we attempted monetizing the blog, it was so handy and kept me sane. I had quite a few of my ideas and deadlines for reviews written out, many of the sites that we were affiliates with listed, the list goes on. But when I don’t keep up with it, it just becomes a mess and an anchor. An anchor that holds me down and makes me not like blogging. I will admit that I have been thinking of bringing a smaller version of it back in to play here soon, but it will probably be more like a notebook and less like an encyclopedia.


So after all that, why do I do it all? The first reason is that I genuinely feel like the Lord wants this website up. In 2011 when it began, I had already had several blogs that were similar and felt like they had run their course. My 2 followers disagreed, but I was done. Then God began to lead me back to it little by little and I followed. He seems to have a purpose here, and if that purpose is for the sake of just 1 person, then it is worth it. So until He tells me to stop, I will continue. I do enjoy writing. I love to encourage others. I am blessed greatly when readers encourage me in one way or another. But what it really all comes down to is Jesus… and that is why no matter how terrible I am at blogging this site stays up.


I Am Human: The One Where I Tell You All Just A Smidgen Of My Flaws

I’ve noticed over time, and I am guilty of this myself, that sometimes after reading a blog for awhile we all get the impression that the person behind the writing is perfect. The pictures of clean homes make us feel as though we lack at keeping our house perfect, when what we don’t know is that just a 6×6 area was cleaned just for that photo. Bloggers/ministers/EVERYONE is human. We all have flaws. And to make sure that no one has this impression of me (though I highly doubt they do) I want to share some things about myself. I never want someone to think I have it all together or that I’m preachy. I am real. Here’s the proof, and it ain’t pretty:


  • With Makeup

    With Makeup

    I am extremely clumsy. I bump into things, trip, drop things, spill, etc for no good reason. I don’t know quite how to explain it. I guess I’m just bad at focusing on my surroundings when I’m stressed or rushed.  For example, a week and a half ago I had my aunt and cousin over for dinner. I had spent the day trying to get my house in order, help my husband make dinner, and keeping up with the kids. I looked at the clock and realized it was almost time for them to arrive and rushed to my bedroom to get ready. When about to apply my make up, I realized my eyebrows were getting REALLY out ofhand.(A little back story, due to horrible rosacea and sensitive skin, I cannot pluck or wax. So, you know those funny little battery operated trimmers you see in

    Without makeup. See? Flaws. Ugh. It's awful. Why am I even telling you all this?

    Without makeup. See? Flaws. Ugh. It’s awful. Why am I even telling you all this?

    the check out at the discount store or on a commercial that you think, “Bizarre, who would use those?” Well, the answer is ME! I do. Those strange little trimmers are the only things that do not break out my skin. So, yes. I shave my eyebrows.) Do you see where this is going? I wasn’t focused, I was checking my phone for the time, answering a text, and could not for the life of me find the comb attachment. Next thing you know, there are chunks of my eyebrow missing. I stood there debating whether or not I should just shave them completely off or not. Tears are flowing, I have little time left to finish my make up, and in trying to “fix” it I made it worse. As if I didn’t have enough flaws that were obvious before, now I have them smack dab on my face. Thank God for eyebrow filling!!!

  • I homeschool. No, that is not a flaw. Far from it, actually. But I don’t know everything about it just because I’m a homeschool graduate and homeschool my own children. Same thing when it comes to sewing/crafting/baking/direct sales/ministry/writing/web stuff or anything else I have participated in or experienced. A lot of people have come to me at different times for different things with questions pertaining to something that I spend a lot of time with or have done. The truth is, especially with homeschooling, everyone is different and what works for me might not work for you. As you saw in the first flaw I listed, my coordination is a bit different than that of others. So the way I might use a sewing machine might be different than the way you do. I’m glad to help anyone with questions or anything else. I LOVE to talk about these things and share what I do know. But please, never consider me an expert when it comes to anything. I’m human, after all.
  • This girl has a small weak bladder. There, I said it. Anyone who has spent time with me knows this. Yes, it has gotten worse since having babies, but it’s always been this way. If I have to cough, pray to the porcelain god, or even sometimes if I just roll over, I pee. This is definitely my most embarrassing human flaw. But if you have this problem too, than you can feel better knowing I’m like you. Or think I’m gross… 😉
  • I was recently hurt. As a result I left the church I’ve been attending for years with family and friends that I’ve known my entire life. To say this was disappointing for me and others is an understatement. Some people I have known for a little time took a tiny misunderstanding and blew it up instead of coming to me with the problem. Why? I’ll never know. Immediately I recognized it was the enemy causing a wedge, but it was taken too far. As much as I try, I just can’t get past how deeply wounded I am. I feel selfish for feeling this way, but the other people feel they did nothing wrong while I was greatly shamed. I’m unable to just brush it under the rug. I pray every day over this matter. I beg God to grant me strength and understanding, to keep me from becoming bitter, and to heal my wounds. I look at other churches and read about their pastors and start crying. I want MY pastors. I love them and miss them so much. As you can see, once again, I’m human. I feel pain and experience hurt. And I have the flaw of letting my flesh get the best of me sometimes.
  • I am random, goofy, and silly. I also have a dark dry sense of humor that some people just don’t get. I am who I am. I don’t mean to be annoying. I promise.
  • My 2 oldest kids and I last summer.

    My 2 oldest kids and I last summer.

    I am a non-custodial mother to my oldest 2 children. My heart is grieved every day as I miss them so much. I was not abusive nor did I neglect them. They were not taken away from me or anything like that. How they came to live with their dad is a long story. In the past there have been people who found out and instantly judged me because it’s out of the norm for children to live with the father and not the mother. Just know that I LOVE ALL of my kids equally, and I hate that this situation is the way that it is.

  • I rarely leave my house. I just like being home. It’s comfy, my family is here, and it’s just easier with 3 little ones that were all born within 3 years to stay here in the house. Some people consider this a flaw, but I don’t. My children still have friends & socialization as we do make it out of the house sometimes or people come over. We like it here. Which brings me to my next flaw…
  • My house is rarely clean in every area all at the same time. We live here. During the day there are toys on the floor, dishes in the sink, crumbs on the table. Why? Because we are busy learning and living. The house is clean enough, but not perfect. Sometimes in pictures I post on here you’ll see a toy or box in the background on the floor. That’s just us loving life, please don’t judge. 😉
  • I live with chronic pain/fatigue/insomnia/anxiety/depression. Some days I feel great and on top of the world. Others, the exact opposite because, like today, my entire body aches and I can barely move. Sometimes being human can be such a drag, huh?
  • Last but not least, my favorite television show is Good Luck Charlie. Yes, you read that right, a kid’s show on the Disney Channel. It reminds me of the 80’s sitcoms I grew up with. Clean comedy centered around a large family in an AWESOME house. I’m weird, I know. 😉

So, there you have it. I’m not perfect. I just like to share what I DO know and encourage others to keep fighting the good fight. I pray that when you come to Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven you find other mothers that you can relate with… or even laugh at, ahem… While we are human, full of flaws, and far from perfect we can still pray, encourage, and share what we DO know. We appreciate every single one of our readers, and pray for all of you with each blog post we write. We are blessed to be a blessing. So go be blessed, blessings. 😉