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I’ll Believe It When… I See It?

I need to put on God glasses and see things His way. My way isn’t working. These things are WAY outdated anyways…

There is something very important to me that I have been praying to happen for a very long time. I know it is something God would love to see happen also, so it’s not as if I’m praying for something out of His will. Why it has not happened, I do not know, but this is just where it’s at for now.

A few weeks ago I was praying about this special subject. “God, I know you can make this happen. I know it’s in your hands. But why not now? Why can’t I just be patient? I need this to be much simpler.” I could sense his reply, “It’s coming, I promise.”

My next thought was so horrible,

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

What in the world was wrong with me? I know I’m human, but c’mon! Talk about lack of respect, I wanted to slap myself in the face! What kind of jerk am I talking to God like that? Doubting His statement! It’s not like He’s even able to lie, so why would I second guess Him? Ugh…

Faith. It’s rather tricky, isn’t it? Since that prayer a few weeks ago, I’ve been telling myself everyday… I WILL see it, so I MUST believe it. There’s no “Well, maybe, if God is up to it, my prayer will come to pass. I know he said he’d do it, but, you know, he might be busy…” It’s simply “He said it. I believe it. That settles it.”

When? I’m not sure. Actually, the element of surprise excites me. But he tells me it’s coming, so I’ll be on my toes. Ready for the prayer of a lifetime to be answered. Until then, will you pray with me for this very special unspoken request? Pretty please and thank you!

God bless!