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Oh, THAT Dress? Yeah, I Made It.

So, it’s been months since I announced on here that I was making my own dress for our vow renewal. I would have blogged about it sooner, but I’ve been up to my ears in life. You know, the usual stuff, like having a hysterectomy 2 days after the vow renewal and making the oh so smart decision to go to Disney’s California Adventure a week later… In July… In the intense heat.

Yeah, I’m not the smartest blonde on our block. But, hey, anything for my kids!

Back to the dress:

I flip flopped on which pattern I was going to use I don’t know how many times. I finally settled with Butterick 5708. I would have loved to design the entire thing as I do most of my aprons, but I just didn’t have the confidence and time.

For the fabric, I chose a red star print found at a VERY low price at a local fabric store back in May. My Mom and I literally fell upon it while I was there looking for something else. I didn’t have the money on me, and had only decided the night before that I was going to make my dress so I hadn’t been saving up for it. My gracious Mom reminded me that the bride’s parents are supposed to buy the dress, so she bought the fabric and thread. Cost? About $25. Not bad, eh? Especially since the pattern was found on ebay for less than half off. How many wedding dresses do you know of that cost about $30?

When it came to starting out the project, I was nervous as all got out. I always am when I start something new. I knew I could do it, I just always second guess myself regardless. It’s what I do.

The cutting took the most time. There weren’t a lot of pieces, it’s just that they were LARGE pieces. Part of that reason? I’m very large myself. It went well though. I did make one little mistake on one piece, but in the end you couldn’t even tell.

The sewing went SO smooth. I did get a bit of vertigo looking at all the stars, so I had to take a lot of breaks. I get dizzy just thinking about it now, months later.

I tensed up again on the zipper. It was my first invisible zipper and I had to watch a tutorial on youtube about 58 times before I felt comfortable enough to do it. Okay, 58 times AFTER I messed it up after watching it only twice. But it all went well. A big thank you to my friend Cindy for the pep talks and cheerleading! She told me all along that I could do it. 🙂 And I did!

So, here it is! Best part? It washes and dries so easily and doesn’t require ironing. Woo hoo!

You’ll notice in the last photo that I had switched it to the strapless option. I HATE my arms/shoulders… but it was HOT! My sweet Aunt Sue tied them perfectly for me and I was so comfy! Didn’t even feel like the dress was going to fall off or anything!

To achieve the look I used a petty coat slip, corset, garters, stockings, make up done by my bridesmaid Genelle, bird cage veil, vintage hair style (pin curls on top, banana curls in the back) that I learned to do on YouTube (it is now my “go to” hair style. So simple to do!), and some AWESOME red shoes. If I don’t post a photo of the shoes on here, I’m pretty sure some people will be a little angry with me. Being that the shoes were like walking on nails, I will now be using them as book ends in my craft room. Yes, seriously. My Dad is probably the biggest fan of the shoes, by the way…

Ignore the cracks in the concrete. Welcome to California! Proof that we live near a fault line...

So, honest opinion: What do you think? It’s not perfect, but it was my first dress. Have you ever made something yourself for the first time for a big event?


My First Dress…

So, I’ve lost my mind folks. I’ve decided to make my own dress for our housewarming/vow renewal this Summer.

I should mention I’ve never made a dress before and the event is less than 2 months away… I’m officially crazy, right?

The good news is, I was able to attain fabric and notions VERY CHEAP to make a “practice” dress. A loving person bought the fabric/notions for the “real” dress. The question is… will I be able to do it?

Of course I will!

Why do I always second guess myself when starting a new project. It always comes out fine the first run… and sometimes even better than fine! Okay, not every time. I did have a recent challenge with sewing that lasted awhile, but hey, it’s done and I know some things I am just not meant to make. 😉

Oh, also worth mentioning is that I’m having surgery in the next few weeks and due to being laid up for a few days I’ve taken up crochet. All while party planning, tending to the house/kids, and everything else that I do. Hey, at least homeschool is out for the Summer!

Yeah, I’m nutty… Please say a prayer for my mental health, would ya? Thanks. 🙂


Hi, I’m Angie… And I’m Addicted To Pinterest…

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I’m sporadic. I’ll go weeks without pinning anything and then suddenly, there I am to flood your feed.


Because I have to FORCE myself to spend as little time on there as possible.

It’s a vortex! Am I right? You just get sucked right into it and before you know it hours have passed right by.

But today? It’s raining, I’m laid up on the couch, the kids are about to go down for nap, and I believe… yes, it’s true… Pinterest is calling me to spend the afternoon feeling inspired instead of actually doing anything productive.

Followers: Consider yourselves warned.

What exactly is it about Pinterest that draws us all in? Is it the awesome red on white retro font? The trendy little boxes all catergorized to different boards? The actual feeling of being creative when you’ve done nothing of the sort? The awesome feeling when you make something you saw on Pinterest? I could go on…

I do see this resource as more of a tool than a time drain. It just has to be managed and kept in moderation like anything else. I mean, hello, nothing says “Mom of the year” or “Best wife ever” like making something out of nothing, having the perfect dinner made, upcycling all of your furniture instead of buying new, and all of your cleaning products made from scratch, right? Think of it as a way to work on those Proverbs 31 qualities instead of just wasting time. Just don’t actually sit and waste time instead of creating something tangible once in awhile.

Speaking of creating, I have more sewing to do. Maybe I should do that first.

Anyways, back to what I was saying: I love Pinterest. It’s a good tool. Enough said.



Oh Yeah, I Forgot…

Last night I proclaimed, “Tomorrow I will sew if it is the last thing I do that day!”

Well, um, it’s 8:20 pm. Good thing I’m a night owl, eh?

There is something therapeutic about sitting in front of a sewing machine and creating an item from just a few scraps of fabric and thread. Nothing compares.

I often do some of my best thinking in two places. The shower, and my sewing chair. Wait, make that three. Driving in the car.

I also use this time to pray. First thing, of course, I pray that God guide my hands and help me to not create something disastrous. 😉

So, tonight, I am for certain going to sew. Even if I don’t finish what I start. It’s been weeks and I certainly need something soothing to my soul right now. I plan to at least sit in there for a few minutes, if nothing else.

Off I go! What hobby do you have that is an outlet for you?

*Yes, I took a break while posting this to go clean 2 toilets. I often do that out of no where. I’m random, remember?