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CURVES? Why not?

Curvy PearYou wouldn’t know it by the image of society today, but back in the day, it was considered profitable to have curves.  Men would desire to be with curvier women because it was thought that if a woman was curvy or overweight, they were of wealth.  It was assumed that they had the finances to eat whatever they wanted.  Also, men didn’t want a woman who was presumptuously, unhealthy or not strong enough to take care of things.

Another assumption, was that if a woman was of larger capacity, they were more likely to bear children.  After giving birth, stretch marks on the wife were considered a “trophy” of sorts to her spouse.
Why have things changed so much?  Our minds are programmed to think that if we are overweight, we are less of a woman than we are meant to be. I have always had the mentality that I am fat, therefore, I’m ugly or not worthy of attention.

Not knocking skinny girls… I know that they have their body issues also.

My body image in my mind must cease as is. As long as I strive to be healthy and live a healthy life, I don’t have to obsess over my weight issues.  It takes up too much of my thought process.  I am created in God’s image, therefore I can not put down His creation.

Songs of Solomon paints a picture of the bride as a well endowed woman, stating that ‘thy navel is like a round goblet…thy belly is like a heap of wheat set about with lilies.’ (Songs of Solomon 7:2)

So, if your on the skinnier side and have a “pooch” or stretch marks, it’s more than OK. It shows that you have life or have given life!  If your overweight, like me, it’s OK also!  (As long as we aren’t practicing gluttony or indulging EVERY meal. LOL)

And, if you still feel bad about yourself, (because I do at times and it does get depressing), pray for God to help you change some of your situations.  He can change your cravings, give you will power, and motivation.  We have to do our part though.


Pretty In The Face, Say What?

Ok, I have eyes. I have a mirror. I also live with myself daily. I know that I am over weight. That’s a big DUH. In the last few months, I have successfully gained over 20 more pounds unintentionally. I don’t know how, if I did, I would stop it… What gets me, is that people look you up and down, like you don’t notice and then look at your face and smile, or look at you with disgust or pity.

Just because your over weight, fat, obese, how ever you put it, doesn’t mean that you desire to dress ugly either. I can’t stand going into a store to look at clothes that are labeled plus size, and everything you look at is shapeless and the most ugly material you’ve ever seen. One of my favorite stores is Lane Bryant, but I have pet peeves with it also. All of their models are NOT plus size!!!! They are regular, tall, big boned women. NOT PLUS SIZE. There are a few name brand stores, who are now carrying plus size clothing, you just have to pay an arm and a leg for them. (If only we could find a way to get rid of fat cells for the price instead of limbs… if only… lol)

Now that I’m on a roll, (and no, not the rolls on my stomach or back or legs, and no I didn’t say I wanted to eat a roll), it drives me insane to hear someone that is obviously skinny, call themselves fat. My little sister, Emily, whom you’ve been introduced to on this site, is barely 104 pounds soaking wet! Sometimes I just want to yell at her, “GO EAT SOMETHING!!!” I love her dearly. It’s just not fair that she got a skinny gene.

I am trying to remind myself that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made” by God and in His image. God doesn’t make no junk! (yes, I used a double negative). I can not “down” His handy work. Though I have a few suggestions… just kidding, He knows what I want changed.

All of that to say this, you’ve heard the old sayin’, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Well, don’t judge a person by their layers of skin. You don’t know what they’ve been thru already and what has brought them to where they are. You’ve not walked a mile in my shoes or anyone else’s. I did not choose to be obese. I’m trying to change that. Be compassionate and not judgemental. I have a whole lot more to love! Now, if your a skinny minny, GO EAT SOMETHING! Be blessed!