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I Feel A RANT Coming On…

First off, let me start with saying that this is to NO Offense what so ever to smokers!!

So, here goes…. I absolutely can not stand it when someone will use the “last” of their money to go buy cigarettes or alcohol! Instead of buying a loaf of bread and a pack of bologna, or Ramen Noodles for their kids, or putting a little gas in the car to get them going at least a little further, they smoke up their money. I know people right now, that would buy lottery tickets, cigarettes, beer, or drugs before doing for their family. Instead, they ask everyone else to feed their kids so that they can go out and do whatever they want to or leave them with the grandparents to raise while they use the benefits for their selfish desires.

Also, government assistance, such as food stamps, is a privilege. Yet there are those who will sell off the food for cash so that they can have the money to support their habit. It really makes my blood boil! I’m all for government assistance, if you qualify, but don’t abuse it! It’s for those who really need it and not for the ones who just want to bum around thru life free of any responsibility.

So, now that I got that off my chest, can I get an Amen?