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One Thirst ~ Song of The Week

I am a big fan of Bethel Worship, and I recently came across this song on their Be Lifted High album. It has got to be one of the most soothing worship songs I have heard in a long time, in both music and lyrics. I highly recommend this song be put on your mp3 player/ipod/whatever because it is great! It immediately brings you to a place of worship, an intimate exchange between you and God. Enjoy!





One Thirst
By Bethel Worship

You say to us seek Your face
Our hearts reply Your face we seek
Come teach us, Lord, reveal Your ways
Anoint us for the greater things

We have gathered with one thirst and hunger
We’re here to drink of glory and wonder
Here to cry out come and fill this place

Our single wish, our sole desire
To gaze upon Your beauty, God
We will not rest nor will we cease
Till with our eyes Your face we see

We wait for You to come and show Your glory
We wait for You
Hallelujah come


Oh Yeah, I Forgot…

Last night I proclaimed, “Tomorrow I will sew if it is the last thing I do that day!”

Well, um, it’s 8:20 pm. Good thing I’m a night owl, eh?

There is something therapeutic about sitting in front of a sewing machine and creating an item from just a few scraps of fabric and thread. Nothing compares.

I often do some of my best thinking in two places. The shower, and my sewing chair. Wait, make that three. Driving in the car.

I also use this time to pray. First thing, of course, I pray that God guide my hands and help me to not create something disastrous. 😉

So, tonight, I am for certain going to sew. Even if I don’t finish what I start. It’s been weeks and I certainly need something soothing to my soul right now. I plan to at least sit in there for a few minutes, if nothing else.

Off I go! What hobby do you have that is an outlet for you?

*Yes, I took a break while posting this to go clean 2 toilets. I often do that out of no where. I’m random, remember?