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When I Grow Up…

Parents have a tendency to push their children in after school activities, sports, or try to live their lives through their children. I know parents who make their children play sports when they hate the sport that they play.

Recently, my oldest daughter was made fun of at school for being in band. She plays basketball for our middle school because she wants to, but she loves playing the flute and hopes eventually to start the piccolo. She loves band. My oldest son loves music and is now pursuing the bass guitar and the tuba.

I have found that it is the other sports children, who tend to make fun of the “band geeks”. But think about it. How likely is it that these kids will go on to a college sport? There is even LESS likely of a chance that any of them will play anything on a professional level. Even the small percentage that ever make it pro, usually have to retire at a young age due to their body being wore out.

Now, think about musical abilities. When you learn to play a musical instrument, it goes with you for the rest of your life and can bring your heart joy when you play. Most people never make it big in the music industry, but you can carry it with you forever.

So, if your child is doing an extra curricular activity, please make sure that it’s something that they enjoy doing and teach them not to put down others for their choice of activities. Your child will be better all the way around if they have the opportunity to cooperate instead of being forced.